Choosing a Path

When choosing your path as a follower of Kethlan you must choose the spirit that will be your patron. This spirit, one of the great three, becomes your patron and defines the way that you will have taken before taking up apprenticeship with the Melkarr, Ulmargarn and the like. Once you have chosen your spirit you gain the associated gift and will have chosen to follow that spirits ideals. You then chose your profession (way) and gain the responsibilities and boons allied to that way. This continues to be your way regardless of your status and power. The followers of Kethlan continue to remember their origins and fulfil even the humblest of duties.

The Path of Ravage

Ravage is one of the Gillieabad, powerful and true; it is the hunter, instinct breathing, prey tracking, life ending, fear bringing.


Ravage, fearless pursuer of foes of Kethlan through the darkened hearts of the deepest sanctuaries of the wild. Ravage is all in favour of fearlessly hunting down anyone who steps into the boundaries of its land. Ravage epitomises the bestial part of nature, the part of all creatures that relies on instinct rather than rational thought, a killer, a hunter, a beast that lives only to destroy those who would cross the threshold of the Forests, the deserts and the seas and perpetrate against the will of the spirits.

The Four Ways of Ravage

The Follower of Ravage chooses to gain guidance from the Tao or way of one of its four Abberundy that serve it.

The Way of Borghild Gudrun

The Way of Oath Taking

The way of Oathtaking is a role of great responsibility amongst those that take on this duty; they are allowed to participate over ceremonies of great joy such as weddings and the naming of the young, dedicating their spirit names. However when making a warriors oath or an oath of vengeance they become responsible for the hunting down of those that would be called an Oathbreaker.

The Way of Oden Njord

The Way of the Chieftain

The way of the Chieftain is often thought to be the way of the leader of the people amongst the Tao, instead this is the path of the battle leader and one that brings renown and respect to the successful chieftain and humiliation to those that fail. The burden of leadership is often too heavy for a warrior to bear and they are oust from their position by a younger or more experienced warrior.

The Way of Sigurd Verdandi

The Way of Judgement

The way of judgement is often a tedious task and one favoured by the Elestrom of the Broken Lady. The responsibilities of the way leads the follower to sit in neutral favour during any manner of settlements including bartering and minor legal issues. Often one is called upon to adjudicate at competitive events, political debates and even border issues but they are not Elestrom.

The Way of Ing Skuld

The Way of the Hunter

In every camp, township and even pack the role of the hunter is a top tier one and one that is coveted and sought after by many of the younger and upcoming followers of the Tao. Their primary responsibilities are to feed their dependants whilst at the same time maintaining the herds that support them. They are also responsible for ensuring the rights of each pack to different hunting grounds.

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