“Most people think of the Bards, the Skalds and the Skops as whimsical folk who travel the lands with a song on their lips, a tale in their heart and absolutely no idea how to hold a knife let alone brandish a sword. Well, I’m here to show you different, kids: The Weave is a powerful beast, and it can be controlled by more than just words and a juggling routine: There are arts that can be learned where the dance comes from the roll of the wrist and the prance of the sword through the air. The story you tell with your blades is one that your enemies will remember and could, you never know, be one that is not only sung about but one that I might end up teaching the folks that come through that door after you. From this moment on you’ll be drawing on all the Bladesingers that have gone before you; right now, you can’t really hear them but as you progress, as you get better, you will come to know them like your oldest friends. Now; stand, draw your weapons and let’s begin the waltz!”

Mishomo Krezami, Bladesinger Instructor. 

A Bladesinger has mastered the weapons of the warrior and the power of the weave and is able to quite literally bring magic to life through complicated learnt patterns of movement and techniques of foot and wrist work.¬† Those trained as Bladesingers find their guidance from the Academy of Bold Companions from whom comes the heart of their power. In the days of the second moment the Academy created the Undying Song, first of the Harmonic Blades with the power to strike magic down before it forms, to make the air scream and fill people’s hearts with fear. Since that day the Harmonic Blades and the story that they carry have been at the core of everything that a Bladesinger is. They are capable of calling back to the Bladesingers of the past that they might¬†guide the current crop. The Bladesingers walk the path that the Academy gives them and offers fealty to no other before them but plenty after and walk an endless path.

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