The institutions of the Faith that act as bastions of their deities are ancient powerhouses of self regulation and governance. They preach the dogma of their individual beliefs and guidance that places them, so often, at loggerheads with their familial churches. At the heart of Basanic politics it was realised that a unified clergy would give the country a weapon on all platforms; social, political, economic and military, with which to combat its enemies at home and abroad.

To this end the position of Primus and Paladin were created and the Clergy formed as a body that would govern in the name of the monarchy of the Royal Basin. This policy of ruling religion was flawed and led to infighting and the collapse of the structure and on some occasions all out war between the factions. However within the confines of the Golden Lands a Holy Warrior of Tiberius known as Dieron the Blessed, was changing the attitudes of the faithful and building something wonderful.

The Harmony of Champions is a mighty fortress of faith that exists to train Disciples in the articles of their faith before they are shown the paths of the individual deities that will grow within them. All denominations train together, eat together, laugh together and learn to live together. They are trained to cope with the differences of their belief and that only through that togetherness can they go forward to achieve for the Pantheon and for the Royal Basin.

When they are ready they can begin their journey as a Champion and undertake the learning that will make them a true representative of their chosen Patron. However in order to achieve that first step on the path they needs must receive a recommendation from three of their fellow students. One from the Dawn, one from the Day and one from the Dusk.

Once these recommendations have been received, a Champion may go forth with Harmony in their heart and learn the intricacies of their Faith hitherto cloaked beneath layers of Dogma. The need to learn the intricacies of other Faiths is understood by a Champion, and they will choose at least two other Churches from which to receive instruction at a basic level. The political implications of Faith are taught, and the relations between the Churches, the Guilds and the People of the Basin are reinforced through lectures in diplomacy and language.

Once completed, a Champion may walk forward in their faith with greater understanding and empathy and accept one of the titles below, along with the responsibility this entails to their Deity, their Church, and the People of the Royal Basin.

The Dawn

The Day

The Dusk

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