The continent of Daer Akmir is a wild and violent place and those that travel it often train long and hard to carry the weapons necessary to defend themselves on those journeys. Some folk however are too long in dusty libraries or simply do not possess the innate ruthlessness for violence whilst others still simply do not enjoy getting their hands dirty. Those people, then, require the services of others to protect them as they go about their lives. For this facility there are those that sell their lives as protectors of others, usually for money although sometimes for duty or in respect or for honour. Whatever their reason for taking up this trade the skills of such bravos need to be of a different standard and with a varied skill set to standard guilds folk that take up a profession that involves the defence of others. Instilled in them is a sense not of bravery, although that can help, but one of duty and professionalism which, whilst it is certainly instilled through the words of each parent organisation, becomes even more specific and important when their own oath is taken to their employer. These folk are called many things but most would consider them to be bodyguards. 

A bodyguard is usually fresh from a Guild seeking employment outside of the more military aspects that guilds often feed into. In some cases, they are making efforts to hone their skills before they move on, in others they are preparing themselves for a lifetime in the field of risking one’s life for others. Bodyguards are well paid for their services and are recognised and supported by the majority of guilds across the Basin however they have yet to form their own guild or chartered house. Quite a few enterprising individuals have tried to make a permanent establishment: The Red Guard and The Guardians were two famous examples, but they have often lacked long term backing and face the simple fact that their members wish to continue to other progressions. Individual Bodyguards are schooled through the wealth of the Merchant Houses, their personal instructors recruited from retired Guildsfolk.

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