The Royal Basin is often in a state of chaos; war and natural disaster walk hand in hand which means that the lines of communication that would keep information flowing in a sensible fashion are often less open than one would wish. This means that quite frequently information regarding certain criminals such as their activities, their whereabouts and their M.O for example are often overlooked. This leads to situations whereby the Militia find themselves unaware of the existence of operating gangs or individuals who wreak havoc under their noses.  It is into this environment that the Bounty Hunter steps and operates so well. The bounty hunter is a highly skilled tracker and hunter who is often found in the pursuit of criminals. Many are essentially mercenaries, while others, often called bailiffs or constables, are officers of the local government. Unlike a watchman, the bounty hunter is a relentless pursuer, whether their quarry takes cover in the wilderness or hides among friends and sympathizers. Some bounty hunters are deeply concerned with justice, but most view their work as a practical matter. They leave justice to be judged by their employers.  

To say, however, that a Bounty Hunter is solely interested in hunting people is something of a misnomer, a Bounty Hunter accepts and takes on Bounties offered in return for service. A bounty is clearly classified as a premium or reward that is offered, usually, by an authority, usually a government, for a task or duty rendered by an individual. Whilst this is most often the recovery of criminal elements this can also be missing people or, to extend the principal beyond mortal agencies, stolen goods or even legendary treasures. Bounty Hunters sometimes dabble in hunting monsters, while the less scrupulous are little more than assassins operating under the thin pretences of their noble employers. Bounty Hunting is not a trained profession as such, mainly one purchases a licence and picks up what you need to know along the way, however over the years small agencies such as The Wicked Folk, The Broken Bow and The Twenty Blooded Blades have sprung up all of whom offer guidance and access to instructors who have learnt the tricks of their trade and are willing to pass them on for a reasonable joining fee.

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