• You have chosen Psionic as your initial magical path
  • All Haruspex in the Six Duchies are trained in the Institute of Contemplation even if they end up in later training with guilds such as the Oath or the University.
  • Your choices now are to decide which Discipline you follow which are described in the Psionic Brief.
  • You have Chosen to be a Haruspex following one of the four Disciplines of the Makutu and your realm Word is as follows:
    • Corporeal Haruspex: The Red
    • Conceptual Haruspex: The Green
    • Perception Haruspex: The Blue
    • Temporal Haruspex: The Grey
  • Example/Common Support words that you might choose are as follows  
    • Corporeal – Physical, Self, Strength, Armouring, Reflexes, Speed, Leaping, Stamina, Athletics and Power.
    • Conceptual – Expression, Telepathy, Empathy, Sharing, Remembrance, Forgetfulness, Reading, Understanding, Lore and Pasts.
    • Perception – Senses, Hearing, Vision, Taste, Aura, Intuition, Truth, Falsity, Enigmas and Wisdom.
    • Temporal – Teleportation, Levitation, Movement, Distances, History, Time, Divination, Manipulation, Phase and Obfuscation .
  • Your starting combat casting choices are as follows:
    • Corporeal – Cannot Choose Battle
    • Conceptual – Cannot Choose Healing
    • Perception – Cannot Choose Control
    • Temporal – Cannot Choose Physical

Opening Spells

As a Haruspex you begin with the Psionic Buoyed spell and the Buoyed spell of your Chosen Discipline. 


Sense the Astral

Magnitude: 1

Description: By attuning themselves to the flow of astral energies, a Haruspex can follow the meandering course of the Astral amongst the many minds of the world. By focusing their power into their eyes and entering a brief trance they are able to detect any Psionic energies and their relative powers within an object/person

Effect: The Psionicist will be aware of the presence of any psionic energies within the target. They will either be informed through the use of Feat Sheets or their spell will be handled by a ref.


Astral Step

Magnitude: 2

Description: Through attuning their body and their mind together in perfect harmony, those who follow the Universal way learn how to take forceful steps through the Astral and use it to pass physical barriers in the physical world. At this level, through means of this magic no mundane barrier or bond can serve to impede the psionicist.

Effect: The Psionicist can take up to 3 paces regardless of mundane barriers. If they would rematerialise inside physical matter they immediately take 3 Hits and are ejected back the way they came.


Telepathic Message

Magnitude: 1

Description: If a Psionicist has studied the aura of an individual previously, they may use their knowledge of that unique signature in order to send communication regardless of distance or impediment. Touching mind to mind requires the consent of the mind to be touched, but in an instant they may have a brief conversation.

Effect: 30 seconds of communication is possible – usually by means of a walkie talkie.


Memory Crystal

Magnitude: 1

Description: By projecting one’s consciousness into a crystal it is possible to imprint such gemstones with a memory. These crystals must be ‘read’ by a psionicist with the same training, and are commonly used to pass on lessons within the Institute amongst its higher ranking Psionicists.

Effect: The Psionicist can create or read memory crystals which function as above.


Pierce the Astral Barrier

Magnitude: 2

Description: When travelling in the Astral it is often useful to be able to look beyond the barriers that make up the place without moving beyond them, lest one accidentally stir the approach of the White. By focusing one’s power and lightly touching an Astral Barrier it may be rendered translucent to allow the astral traveller to look beyond.

Effect: The Psionicist will receive a description of the area beyond a barrier, or be allowed to peek behind such curtains.

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