• You have chosen Weave as your initial magical path
  • All Weavers in the Six Duchies are trained in the Ways of the Mockingbirds even if they end up in later training with guilds such as the Oath or the University.
  • Your choices now are to decide which Strand you follow which are described in the Weave Brief.
  • You have Chosen to be a Weaver following one of the four strands of the Great Weave and your realm Word is as follows:
    • Raconteur – Myth
    • Fabulist – Fable
    • Skald – Battle
    • Paragon – Inspiration
  • Example/Common Support words that you might choose are as follows  
    • Myth – Wisdom, Compulsion, Rites, Imagery, Story, Obfuscation, Shadows, Summoning, Politic and Alteration.
    • Fable – Control, Moral, Legends, Parable, Allegory, Lessons, Teaching, Apologue, Understanding and Lore.  
    • Battle – Leadership, Weapons, Direction, Courage, Tactics, Engagement, War, Campaign, Experience and Heroism.
    • Inspiration – Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Genius, Incentive, Insight, Motivation, Revelation, Vision, Creativity and Thought.
  • Your starting combat casting choices are as follows:
    • Myth- Cannot Choose Battle
    • Fable- Cannot Choose Healing
    • Battle – Cannot Choose Control
    • Inspiration – Cannot Choose Physical

Opening Spells

As a Weaver you begin with the Weave Buoyed spell and the Buoyed spell of your Chosen Strand. 


Sense the Weave

Magnitude: 1

Effect: Once this spell reaches completion; the Weaver reaches their hand out to within a few feet of the object/person that they wish to examine – If it holds any Weave power they will either be informed through the use of Feat Sheets or their spell will be handled by a ref.


The Familiar Hearth

Magnitude: 2

Description: The Weaver tells the story of a place that they know well; they must have rested there at least once in their life. As they do, the Weaver and any people listening to the story get a vision of the current state of the hearth they rested at and the surrounding environment. This is a clear and accurate picture of the place as it currently is, and may allow for snippets of conversation to be gleaned.

Effect: The Weaver and anyone listening will receive a description from the ref of the hearth being studied.



Magnitude: 1

Description: The very first tale that those who walk the Unseen Path learn to spin is one that hides their footsteps. By speaking the story of the appropriate mythical figure, the Weaver ties their footsteps to that legendary journey rather than the one they are currently walking. They, and any companions who follow their footsteps exactly, leave their footsteps in the ancient place rather than the physical world.

Effect: The Weaver and any companions who follow their footsteps leave no physical trail.


Eulogy for the Lost

Magnitude: 2

Description: It is a sad truth that oftentimes the Weaver may come across the bones of those who have fallen with no clue as to who they are or what their tale might have been. Through means of a brief conversation with the dead body, in which the Weaver recounts the circumstances which led their paths to cross, this can be rectified – at least to some small degree.

Effect: At the culmination of the effect, the corpse will speak its name and the circumstances of its death.


A Brief Word to Distant Ears

Magnitude: 1

Description: With the first use of this weft, the Weaver is able to entwine their words with the Weave of another. Only one other person can be ‘entangled’ in this way at a time, lest things start to get very Strange, but whilst this is in effect the Weaver can recast this effect to pass 10 words directly to the ear of the other so long as they remain within one day’s travel of each other.

Effect: The Weaver will be able to pass messages as indicated above – usually with the aid of a walkie talkie.

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