Rising of Chaos is a game brimming with history, culture, and political backdrop which is ready for you to dive straight into when you have created your character. This gives your refs and storytellers the time to focus on developing your personal story with you through the time you play, from concept and creation, to potential demise.

This journey begins with your character; who they are, how they might interact with the world around them, and the impact that they might have on the world are important things to consider. Understanding your character’s mindset at the point of creation helps all of us as refs, crew and players alike, to build and maintain the game world around your decisions and actions.

Wherever your starting point, we are all here to tell a single story with many, ever changing threads. From a player’s point of view, the best way to pull at these threads and make your mark on the story is with your character concept, and the Core Team would very much like to take the time to build on those concepts with you. This is achieved in the following six steps:

  1. Step One: National Choices
  2. Step Two: Species and Remnants
  3. Step Three: Politics and Plot
  4. Step Four: Background and Personal Goals
  5. Step Five: Archetypes and Starting Skills
  6. Step Six: Your Magical Aura

Drop a line to characters@risingofchaos.com to book in a build slot with our Core Team!

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