There comes a certain moment in the life of any guilder, and it is certainly worth stating that this moment is going to be one that you hope will never come again but that you know probably will, that something someone else made saves your life.

Peaches able, artificer
  • The renowned Engineer Tess is attempting to jury rig an improvement to a dirigible engine and has decided to use the materials they have on them to do so. 
  • After describing to a Ref her desired effect; to increase the fuel getting pumped into the engine, the Ref informs them that it is a difficulty 2 challenge. 
  • This corresponds to a 6 by 6 skill square.
  •  Luckily Tess has a number of materials on hand; 1 Dragon bone, 3 Razorback Iron, 5 Steel and 3 of each Iron, leather and Wood. 
  • Tess spends 1 of the Razorback Iron (A tier 4 resource) and a Steel (A tier 3 resource) to draw 7 shapes on the device. Which she uses to fill in the device as shown below.
  •  Tess is lucky that all the shapes she drew were able to fit and she didn’t need to spend more resources drawing more.

  • There is one missing space that Tess was not able to cover up. 
  • This mean that the schematic for the device will have one serious side-effect. 
  • With the skill square completed Tess carries out a skill check for the skill square. 
  • As an accomplished Engineer Tess will only fail if a club is drawn.
  •  Lucky Tess draws a heart and succeeds to jury-rigging the improvement to the engine.
  • A Ref informs Tess that the downside of this schematic is that the engines are now too hot to touch when operating. 
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