You will see to the will of the dead, executing it to the extent of the law, you are the wishes of the dead upon the land and only through you should they speak.

You will seek to assist in the writing of the will of those soon to die no matter where they should be found to assure them that they will cross over well and that their lands and title would be safe in hands of the clergy and the Custodians.

You will offer yourselves as intermediaries between the living and the dead that ancestors may pass on that which is theirs to the next realm, their children and their children’s children.

You will seek those ancestors or Undead that are not bound to the will of Notelexus and offer them contract to the God wherever you may find them.

Those Undead that refuse the contract of Notelexus are enemies of the Faith, the Clergy and the Royal Basin and will be eradicated.

You will treat with reverence and respect any spirit or ancestor that is summoned to your aid unless they are under punishment and from the hells.

You will not betray your God, the Clergy or the people of the Royal Basin over blind faith and arrogance.

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