You will encourage the prosperity of the Royal Basin through active acts of investment and generosities that will lead to the success of any businesses that the Church should have an interest in.

If you are shown a good turn unasked you will remember this turn and return it at the appropriate opportunity.

You should avoid placing yourself in another’s debt at your own volition where possible.

The Church is more than an organisation you are a family, each opportunity to celebrate or commiserate the achievements or failures of yourselves should be taken and remembered.

Deny no Bard, no entertainer, no itinerant musician entrance to the temples nor place at table.

Every path is the doorway to a journey that should be taken, when possible, if for nothing more than the story and the experience that we can trade in tale for bread and beer when coin is scarce.

Mortal made luck should not be overlooked in favour of prayer to the Goddess who may have placed it before us unseen.

Wealth and opulence are marks of your status, the more it is stated the more your flock will have faith and belief that following you will lead them to the same future. Trust is everything.

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