The Church are still in their infancy and perhaps the role of the bulk of their followers is still to be seen but there are strong leaders that have risen up to lead the way of those below them. The hierarchy of Pilgrims is reasonably unchanged from the times of old, at least the names are the same: The Church is led by the Seers who are purely the spiritual arm of the Church, relying mainly on the power of their belief and the protection of their Reapers, they rarely utilise mortal tools to defend themselves and drive the faith forward. Seers are few, very few in number and find their support among the much more numerous Reaper Seers; trained in the arts of combat and the Focus arts they are without the purity of the Seers but more than capable as Krakenites. Finally the Reapers are the Holy Warriors of the faith and though there are but a handful they are powerful indeed and many consider their power borne from the Mantic skills of The Kraken himself.

The Church have many responsibilities that they are still finding their way with that favour both the priestly and the municipal parts of their functionality as a body. Many Krakenite facilities can be found in boatyards or associated buildings and many of the Pilgrims either come from those walks of life or are, by proxy, obliged to learn them. As such Krakenites are often involved in the creation of sea going vessels, their blessing and the training of those that would sail in them. This is a source of respect and income for the Oblivion and is a priority task for the followers it is often coupled with the Pilgrims’ observations over these vessels, speaking of their moments to come and when best those that sail upon them would want to make wills or perhaps when best to invest in transportable goods, again this comes for a fee.

In a more sedentary role, for there are so few Krakenites, those that wander the lands and the sea are given the task of seeking the hidden things of the world, particularly those lost to the God. Their return to the Seers is of great importance to the faith as is the wellbeing of those souls that enter the realm of The Kraken. Prayers for the drowned and insuring that their immortal soul reaches the appropriate place in the heavens is a difficult burden for the Pilgrims to undertake. Many souls become lost in the realm below and the followers of the Oblivion and for those that seek them it is a dangerous journey that is taken, spiritually upon a Ketch with room for the Priest and the soul that they are to return.

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