It has been a busy time for the followers of The Kraken since their God rose to prominence and they have marked their calendar with several powerful days that are celebrated with usual Krakenite sombreness.

The Call of the Deep

This is the day that The Kraken rose to power and is celebrated each year in the individual places of power across the Royal Basin and the Greater Teeth. Those Pilgrims will come together and join in a prayer of thanks for the gifts that The Kraken has given them. They then take voyage in their Krakens Ketch out into the harbours or deeper waters of the Sea with offerings that they have collected over the year to give to The Kraken. At this time they will accept a burden from the Church that they are expected to have carried to its conclusion, those that succeed are supposed to receive visions from The Kraken at this time. Often this ceremony is marked by the Krakenites wearing the clothes of those that have drowned and takes place on the twenty fifth day of Sunsdusk.

The Lighting of Lanterns

This day marks the moment that the Angels and the Archangels rose from the depths in a great ceremony in which over a hundred followers of The Kraken were drowned to give faith to them. They came forward carrying great storm lanterns on long moor poles and gave their voices to the choir of the heavens. This action took place on the twenty fourth day of Earthwane in the year Quintus IV (2014ppw) and at the time of this writing has yet to have the parameters of the Holy Day organised.

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