The Clergy of the Maimed God is loosely organised and each church seems to carry an individual rather than a standardised doctrine. However, those Pilgrims that dwell in large urban areas are obliged to protect the spiritual and physical well-being of their flock. They hold great sermons regarding the uncertain nature of certain political activities, revealing corrupt officials businessmen and members of other clergies is all part of the service provided by the Naedite clergy. They also spend evenings instructing the common folk on the arts of self-defence and recruiting likeminded members of other guilds to assist them in return for magical aid, absolutions and prayer.

When active in the field (rather than in cities) Naedites seek out tyrannical powers, including warlords, spies of the powerful and monopolistic trade houses and the like. If possible they will destroy these areas of corruption through the means of battle, stealth and political intrigues, all are weapons in a Naedites arsenal. Once destroyed the Naedite will make every effort to return misappropriated wealth and goods to its original owners. Of all of these crimes slavery is considered to be one of the most heinous and explains the direct actions of The Divine Order of Liberty and Hope. The followers of Naed also keep close tabs on “Lawful” religions and organisations in case they become too powerful and begin oppression of those of different faiths and beliefs.

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