The Shield Bearer, The Invincible, The Kind Hand, The Maimed God


Kalashinka: Rallisita

Orcs: Millimoth

Fae: Sampath


A Key



Freedom, Hope, Protection and Martyrdom


Lost Causes, Risks, Zeal, Bravery and Individuality


The Devourer, The Yama Lords, The Dragon Emperor and Tyrants everywhere

Divine Seats

The Silver Inn


The Home of Heroes, Hopes Rest, The Place of Unification

Naed is the protector of the weak, the champion of the oppressed and the hope to the defeated. He is the martyr who would sacrifice his own life for his cause and the lives of those who he deems worthy. He is tireless in his work, never ceasing in his quest to free the world from injustice and tyranny, he stands as a shining beacon of holy purity against the dogmas of slavery and inequality. In the eyes of Naed all men and women stand shoulder to shoulder, none better than any other in class nor wisdom, only in deed do they set themselves apart, for him only through the abuse of power to crush the spirits of the weaker or less fortune do you set yourselves apart.

Naed is generally a quiet and well natured deity, often found in good humour, he exudes a camaraderie that is difficult to escape from. Indeed Naed is well liked by almost everyone, even those that disagree with his extreme stances in many fields find him to be an extremely charismatic and enchanting figure for whom you would walk through fire. Naed holds a great friendship with Yarrianne, with whom he shares many ideals though his alliance with Tiberius is an uneasy one. The two do not see eye to eye on a great many issues that oft leads to argument and schisms in the pairs churches. Recently Naed and Ekimelahw have warred over the issue of the children of the Gods, Naeds firm belief in their right to existence bought him into direct conflict and defeat with Ekimelahw, this left Naed stripped of his powers for several years before his return. During this time his portfolio was shepherded by Kortanagry an Arch Angel of Ekimelahw and this still leaves a deep wound in Naeds pride.

During his visits to Vaklam The Maimed God has appeared as a handsome, well-dressed man around his mid-twenties. His sparkling eyes, charming mannerisms and exciting tales are said to have lured many a maid to his bed although his love appeared to be somewhat fleeting. During battle against the Yama Lords the Shield Bearer was permanently scarred, losing his Left hand and Right eye to his foes, these wounds have been consistent whenever he has been seen since. Naeds Clergy is made up predominantly of Priests, who account for the bulk of his faith, however the Knights of the Faith are his Blessed Warriors who travel the lands in his name carrying out his ethos through battle and deed whilst his Defenders of the Faith take oaths of purity to spread his word through word and praise. His clergy prefer to dress in Rich blues and blacks, carrying the key of Naed across their livery.


Naed, by his very nature, is not one for rules and regulations. His doctrine is quite specific about the responsibilities placed upon those with power and as far as he is concerned all of the Priests within his faith are considered to be those with power. As such his followers are expected to act within the parameters of his edicts and to also to keep an eye on each other to ensure that no-one is falling behind in their piety. It is difficult for any Priest of Naed to truly grasp the overall message that Naed is sending to his people, Naed encourages individuality and his Priests have embraced this concept with open arms. Whilst there are only four recognised Churches of Naed there are hundreds of tiny schism factions within that hierarchy that have slightly different dogmas of their own. The main concern of any of the churches is for the people of the land, they see the small folk as their divine charge, protecting them from the machinations of the nobility that considers itself superior. Obedience and Loyalty to the Crown of the basin only stands as long as one whom the Naedites consider worthy of representing the people of the land wears the Crown. Their respect for any position of power is tenuous to say the least, their loyalties lie in the order of: The weak, the innocent and the oppressed and the needy first, then to Naed, then to the strong who uphold the words of Naed in deed if not in faith, then to themselves and finally to those of power, rank and privilege who fall outside of previous catchments. As such Naed’s Clerics are rugged individualists who are never afraid to question authorities.

“All deserve life and the ability to choose their own place in the world, and those that would place others in shackles or control them with their oppressive laws should be toppled. Train the commonfolk to defend themselves and their property should another wish to take their freedoms. If your wards are threatened defend them with zeal like the mother bear defends her cubs, those who would harm or exploit those without the strength to defend themselves must be driven out or destroyed.”

From the Texts of the Everyman


Nibor, Archangel of Freedom

Dealing with the liberties of the individual and the society, the rights of the people and the casting off of the shackles of Tyranny. A Priest that has called upon Nibor to be their patron becomes a vessel for the will of the people. They must take up the causes of the small folk when called upon to do so and do battle in their favour even should this place their own freedoms in danger.

Nyloc, Archangel of Hope

Dealing with the fulfilment of dreams, the encouragement of success, the strength of friendship and the inspiration of personal strengths. A Priest that has called upon Nyloc to be their patron becomes responsible for the morale and encouragement of the group to which they belong and the flock that they shepherd. Low morale can lead to the weakening of friendships and the spread of fear, mistrust and hatred.

Imhes, Archangel of Protection

Dealing with physical and spiritual protection, the shielding of the weak and the protection of the land from tyranny and evil. A Priest that has called upon Imhes to be their patron becomes responsible for the guardianship of the physical and spiritual side of both those that they travel with and the flock for which they care. The priest themselves become the shield that protects in the name of Naed.

Pel’Ardon, Archangel of Martyrdom

Dealing with the sacrifice of one’s self in the name of a pure cause or another individual. A Priest that has called upon Pel’ Ardon to be their patron takes a difficult path. In any cause that Naed considers to be pure the priest must place the success of that cause above any other aspect of their duty, including their life. Before the engagement of a task a follower should engage in a voice of the heavens prayer to understand Naeds view of such a task.

Angels of Power

Bol-Semiv, Angel of Lost Causes

Dealing with the inspiration of hope and the act of martyrdom through the championing of a seemingly lost cause in the name of purity. A Priest that has called upon Bol-Semiv to be their patron is brave indeed. They will meet many upon their path whom have given up the will and hope to complete their path. This can range from the questing Knight whose mission has reached an impasse to the baker whose business has failed and faces extinction. To those the follower of Bol-Semiv must offer all aid and assistance.

Manoth, Angel of Risks

Dealing with the taking of extreme chances with one’s own self in order to achieve ones goals. A Priest that has called upon Manoth to be their patron is called upon to be an exemplar of Naed. Calling upon all aspects of the Maimed God they travel the world proving themselves and showing to all the commitment and determination that his followers have to their cause no matter the costs.

Ursheth, Angel of Bravery

Dealing with the inner bravery that each individual must seek for in order to stand up for a cause in which they firmly believe. A Priest that has called upon Ursheth to be their patron is another example of how the Priesthood of Naed inspires the failing. This action of inspiration through bravery can come on the battlefield or when spouse is abused. Even to stand when the heart has fallen and body fails you, to give the will to them to go on.

Xastar, Angel of Individuality

Dealing with the right of each person to be individual and not having to conform to the common standards and actions that remove some of ones most defining features. A Priest that has called upon Xastar to be their patron is responsible for the forming of the individual outside the collective of society. Each person as an individual has the right to develop should they choose to and it is the responsibility of each of the followers of Xastar to adopt and train these folk as best they can.

Escappilion, Angel of Zeal

Dealing with the enthusiasms and strengths that should be inspired in all people working towards a better end. A Priest that has called upon Escappilion to be their patron provides a commitment to the working men and women of the lands that they serve. They are willing to lend aid and assistance to those that require it, often toiling in the fields, assisting in the front lines of combat or working with the local militia. These assistances come when the ebb of strength is at its lowest and inspiration is called upon.


Naed is served by a number of Lesser Powers that can also be worshipped by Priests and Ley Followers, these powers have fallen under the remit of the Lord over the years and given their power to increase the strength of The Maimed God

The Demi Power Duskorth

Known Powers

Guardianship, Immovability, Indomitable Nature

Allied Powers

Naed, Shelor, Kaldred

“None shall move the Duskorths might nor cause our will to shake. Let undead rise and demons shriek, our courage shall not break. We shall stand and guard the pass till all our days are done And powers scatter to the winds and minors are respun. Beware the failing of the shield that keeps our hopes alive Have faith that thirty shall stay true so all may yet survive.”

Very little is known of Duskorth and his followers. They keep themselves to themselves, revealing nothing to outsiders of the purpose and nature of Duskorth. New initiates are given his holy symbol, a shield with two weapons upon it and told to prove themselves worthy of him out in the real world. Some have achieved such and told of the feelings that follow as they feel his eyes upon them. Those who do achieve such often vanish shortly afterwards for a time before returning to their normal lives, but it does not end there. They will continue to vanish and be absent for a month of the year, telling no one of where they go or what they do.

The Demi Power Shelor

Known Powers

Freedom of Speech, Irrational Actions, Inspiration through Belief

Allied Powers

Naed, Duskorth, Kaldred

“All the power of the world cannot hold back a pure heart. Swords may slice your flesh, maces may break your bones, tyrants may chain your body and take your very life but with their actions all they do is set you free. I bow to no despot, king, guardian of power, demon or otherwise. Neither shall you. You are my voice on Vaklam, my arm, my spirit; spread my teachings so that the oppressed know that I watch their suffering and in death they shall fly on to me on wings of silver.”

Shelor, or the Silver Heart, is almost indistinguishable from Naed who she allies with. Her followers, whilst seen as agents of good, are rabble rousers, the voice of anger against those in positions of power who speak of the day when all shall be truly equal and the oppressors cast down. But they are good folk at heart, determined to improve the lot for all peoples regardless of class, gender, race, country of birth or otherwise. In their eyes all people are truly equal and worthy of respect. Many of the minor Gods had no affiliation to one of the nine before their ascension. This was not so with Shelor. In life she served with the Sons of Naed, although in her native tongue he was known as Rallisita. Her power with him was mighty and it was whispered that her mother had been visited by Naed himself, thus making her a true daughter of Naed. This story seemed to be given extra credence as when she eventually fell in battle against a demonic host Naed himself appeared amongst the remaining priests. He smote the Demon Lord low before ascending once more, taking Shelor’s body with him. Shortly afterwards a new presence was felt within the ranks of the lesser deities and Ekimelahw had new reason to be angry with Naed. Any who embrace Naed’s teachings shall find themselves welcome within the ranks of Shelor who boons her followers for the tasks she sets them. A heart with silver wings represents the Goddess Shelor. To her followers this symbolizes her divine heritage and her ascendance to the heavens on the wings of Naed. Sunsdusk 19th marks the date of her ascendance when her followers don robes of silver and blue for feasting, singing and extreme quantities of alcohol consumption.

The Demi Power Kaldred

Known Powers

Good Fortune, Positive Thinking, Helping Oneself to Help Others

Allied Powers

Naed, Shelor, Duskorth

“The world too often brings us down with its tasks, trials and endless torments. There must be those who throw such things aside to try and bring light where there is darkness, joy where there is despair. Quite often I have found simply being happy and joyful is enough to brighten most people’s days. That is why my followers smile. A lot. And no one can stop them. Fun isn’t it?”

Some Gods are far more happy go lucky than others. Terref and her underlings are best known for it but Kaldred can keep up with them quite happily. It is thought that Kaldred was an Eaölfen bard who came to a sticky end after writing a series of plays about a branch of the Damascus family in a less than favourable light. They were underpaying their miners and getting fat from the profits; Kaldred performed a stinging ballad at the Summer fete that rallied the locals to strike until pay was increased. Whilst they got their wish Kaldred was discovered dead in the mines only days later. Not that it stopped her or her work.

Whilst banned in the county of The Ferns where originally written, the plays were popular and brought in a great deal of revenue to the Bards guild, comedies about nobles being a firm favourite with the common folk. To this day it is common practice for her work to be recited during important festivals in the Summer months, however much the Damascus family may loath it.

The stories of Kaldred do not end there. It is said that both Terref and Naed battled over which would have her in their ranks of demi-powers and that it was settled in a wager over who would get the larger half of a wish bone, as is the common practice of mortal folklore. It is assumed Naed won as Kaldred is allied with him. She approves of the cheeky and free spirited to be in her ranks of followers, being a beacon of light and joviality regardless of how it will affect the odd individual; if the majority are happy let nothing prevent you from continuing to act as you wish. As such, to avoid any particular angry swings from embarrassed warriors or insulted nobles she grants the following boon.

The wishbone is the symbol of Kaldred, harking back to the rumours of her ascendance as part of a wager between the Gods. No date is sacred to her or her people; all days should be spent spreading merriment to the world and wealth to those who need it with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

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