The Crimson Order and the Silent Company have a tremendous reputation for distinction due, without exception, to the actions of its soldiers and officers. This reputation is drawn from and dwells within the supreme commitment, self-sacrifice and pledge to one another. Our Beliefs and Morals are vital to the survival not only of the Guild but of the people that we protect, they are the lifeblood that sustains the Guilds. They must transcend words, they must be the ethos by which we live and by which we judge ourselves. Your commanders or indeed yourselves if you are one build their structure around it and must ensure that everything we stand for is at the centre of it, passing down through the chain of command these virtues to all ranks. The rulers of this great land expect every member of our guild to perform to these, the highest of standards, these that define our lives and our deeds; as your Commanding Officer I expect each and every one of you to abide by them and by the decisions of your seniors.

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