These are the words that we speak when we join the guild in front of the Monarch or their representative. They have been handed down as spoken to Lord Commander Sorgel Vyaine by the last true King of the Royal Basin. They are to be spoken each day as a member of the guild rises from slumber or as the dawn light touches the sky if sleep has not been offered to them. Any Guildsman that does not observe the Oath is considered a traitor to the Guild and to the Crown itself and will face punishment to the full extent of the Law. 

Here do I swear by word and blood

Fealty and service to the Crowns and the line of Gold

To protect those that give life to the land

And to guard those that keep safe the soul

To give blade and shield at their command

To speak and to be silent,

To do and to let be

To come and to go,

To serve and teach,

In such matters that concern this realm;

In need or in plenty,

In peace or in war,

In living or in dying,

Until the blood depart the throne,

Death take me,

Or the world end.

So say we all.

Words of the Crimson Order

Whilst we bleed the Kingdom never shall

Words of the Silent Company

No tracks go unseen, save for ours

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