Born in 1937 in the township of Oldermark in the Bitter Vale to members of the Shield, Scott was destined for a glorious future. He was named Fergus, an ancestor of blood, after the legendary member of the guild whose soul was lost in Soul Anchor in an ancient battle against the Daemon Lord Orbolom. His rise into the guild was meteoric as he became the youngest field graduate in 1949 when he swept up arms to defend the caravan that he was apprenticed to killing three desert raiders and suffering his first heavy wound in combat. By 1955 he was in the field and leading his own group working with the Table of Swords and in 1965 he was responsible for a selection of several groups working out of Shriekspire.

His long list of achievements include forming the legendary Soldiers of the White Bear who stood at the Edge of the Spirate Unition before they vanished into the Watchland. Equally he stood alone in the Caverns of the Black Chain Eater during the Red Harvest and none can doubt that the villages of Union, Stole, Haverskay and Breen still stand safe to this day for that action. Perhaps most notably was his eloquent address to the people of the Dunwell revolt who were so turned by his words that they renounced their hatred of the rulers of their county and, indeed, many of them became members of the Battered Shield thereafter.

Fergus Scott is an anomalistic individual as he belies the old saying “There are bold heroes and there are old heroes but there are no old, bold heroes.” Hero is the best way to describe Scott, his men adore him and he revels in their respect. He knows each one by name and has laid his life on the line time and again to preserve their lives and their freedoms. He is bold talking and full of tales of his own and others exploits. As a leader in the field of combat he is highly experienced which is coupled with a tactical flair which has led to many victories.

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