Born in 1969 in the Great City of Haven to a Mercantile family that served the Phyphor household; Hershal was given a classic education and showed some aptitude in most of the arts but excelled with weaponry, specifically the axe and the shield. The household of Phyphor gladly accepted her as a guard and enforcer but she tired quickly of this work and looked elsewhere for tutelage and the embrace of the true warrior. Initially she considered the Crimson Order as a path to be followed but the strict regimens of the Guild she felt a hindrance and instead became a member of the Shield. She was accepted readily and made her name swiftly and was soon apprenticed to a group called the Witchway Troop in 1989.

Her reputation is steady with a few outstanding moments and it is that which bought her the attention of the senior members of the Guild in the later 2000s. The Guild was strung out on senior members, most were dead in the Cataclysm or dying in the Rhygahrean Wars and she was happy to step up and be responsible for those that follow the same path. Hershal is in charge of the training of the troops that filter out of the Guild. She is patient and kind and few would believe that she is the warrior born who singlehandedly took down Barrak the Battleman and his Reavers in the famous attack on the township of Delve. She is well respected by all of those that have trained under her but yearns for a return to the field and may, perhaps one day, lead the Guild to battle once more.

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