The people of the Vorok Core, what we have known as the elemental planes, have their own fables and myths about their creation, the dawn of their power and the words of their makers. Over the years we have come to understand and help to unlock the true mysteries of their dawn, it is important that we touch on that knowledge as we cover the early days and current standing of the College. The general knowledge of the people was that long ago the skies were lit by the great eye of the Founders, which we now know to be the Comet, as it passed over the four worlds of Ruaeth Kajhar, Jorven Kel Karenik, Beyleethe and Zartherinyialial. As the eye glared down its power was felt among the earliest inhabitants of that world and the Founders first gave their power to the worlds. As the eye passed so the Vorok Core was left behind, the home of the Founders, the Nexus, the heart of the Harrowgulf (a legendary place between the four worlds) and the place where all of their knowledge would be learned. From here it is said that the Founders taught the Mazamarati, then the ruling class, the building blocks of Magic and that they in turn taught the lesser races of the world but bought with them the subjugation of those that they taught.

As time has gone by we have come to realise that the Founders were one of the races of the worlds, great amalgamations of the races that inhabited the four realms. They had learnt their skills from the Nexians a race that shared their origins in the same home world as the Kaytaar. However the Nexians were a benevolent race that taught the Thirteen Founders the mysteries of the Universe on the grounds that they would only reveal a fragment of their knowledge to their followers, the Mazamarati, for fear that their power might be corrupted. When the Mazamarati learnt of this they rose up and nearly killed the Founders and a great war was fought as they struggled to overcome their teachers and take the power of the Nexians for themselves. In the aftermath the Founders fought among themselves but eventually destroyed the power of the Mazamarati and banished them to the Harrowgulf. In the days that followed the races of the four worlds became masters of their own destiny but the dreams of the Nexians were forgotten and war consumed the Vorok Core.

The Dreams of the Nexians

Much later we of the Colleges and the members of those that houses to whom we are allied once more made contact with the Nexians and learnt much of their intentions from their first arrivals. They came to bring unity and their power to all beings, that it might be shared by all and understood by all. They came to build portals to the worlds that touch the edges of their own and to bring learning to them also. Alas the greed of those that serve power overcame their intentions and that dream was ended, in their madness the Mazamarati tried to enslave the Nexians and even through their power to entrap drakes and angels. Can these dreams be rekindled? Only through the power of the Colleges joined with the Realms do we believe that they can but the teachings of the Nexians should not be forgotten.

 Remember even the simplest of their wisdoms:

I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe things that will change how you see this world. Enough to drive men to madness. What is the largest number? Are the worlds infinite? Might every event repeat again and again and again? Your intuition is of no use here, faith alone can’t save you, where does the multiverse begin? Is Vaklam one of uncountable copies tumbling through an unending void in one you are rich on another you have yet to be born, these are the deepest mysteries of the universe. Pray silence as I present to you: Infinity

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