Lord of Сливк College

Born in 1937 Gench appears, still, as a human in his prime operating on a day to day basis in every way the Warrior that he was during the fifties and the sixties, however it was not always this way. He rose to the pinnacle of his skills and completed well over two hundred successful missions for the College rising in rank to be the head of the Sevik Irrikarum whilst still under active duty in the field. However one fateful day in 1976 he returned from a duty in Rhygahrea with his charge dead and the diplomatic papers that he was supposed to be carrying lost. His service record up until this point would have been enough to keep his reputation virtually unstained but instead of relying on the College to protect him Gench undertook a pilgrimage to the world of Zartherinyialial, ostensibly to seek the wisdom of the Veknymolchaniye but instead he vanished, at the time it was presumed forever. He did not return until the late summer of 1981 and appeared as he did in the sixties as he would do in the nineties as he does now and perhaps he will for the rest of time.

Gench is quiet, unspeaking and rarely spends his time in company, instead he relies on a form of Sourcerous telepathy that he learnt on his sojourn to indicate his wishes and guidance for the College. He keeps close company with the Institute leaders and often attends classes of the Sevik Irrikarum demonstrating techniques and form via silent movement of the peerless and perfect form. He is skilled and threatening as a leader and clearly a force to reckoned with at the College of Controlling Power. Many believe that he is in fact nothing more than a puppet for other members of the College and that no-one returned from Zartherinyialial; everything was an elaborate ruse in order for other parties to seize power. Whether that is true or not is difficult to say but certainly Gench is unlikely to tell you or anyone else for that matter.

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