Lord of Time

Galak Unverth is a relatively newcomer to the Church of Bethylak and a surprising choice for the commander in chief of Bethylakian forces. He was born in 1993 making him 25 in the year 2018 when the new Primuses were elected. He is an in house birth with his parents being Stephen Unverth, deceased during the Shadow War aged just 48 and Katie Unverth (nee Braxton) who passed the day that Abraham Wingates and Aden of Naed died aged 46. Both of them were guardians of the Sacred Archives of Bethylak and holders of forbidden and secret knowledge that comes from the Days of Wrath and the like.

Galak was brought into the world with only his family and a Pilgrim and according to rumour he them spoke to them in the words of the language of the archivists. That language is the last language spoken and written, according to legend, in the world before its destruction, a language from the future and a power known only to a few. Rumour further states that the words were written down and in accordance to the protocols of the Church they were placed in scroll tubes and put away in the archives.

The boy grew quickly and made his way through the ranks of the church as a Professor, as he grew he began to exhibit certain powers that manifested through his Lycan heritage that allowed him glimpses of the past and the future, sometimes the many pasts and futures. These moments and glimpses brought on the Lycan change much earlier than usual in heritaged creatures and he soon learnt to control the partial change and had access to all of the usual range of abilities by the age of ten. He also seemed to gain the powers to speak to beasts and other lycans as time went by which were skills usually outside the remit of such creatures.

Galak trained well and showed aptitude and enterprise in all areas however his main area of skill was experimentation and artifice. Throughout his early teens he was designing and redesigning new power cores for the various dirigibles that were attributed to the Timeless Order of Lore and Fates. In fact he was the head of one of the development teams who in late 2015 was preparing to outfit the Grey Keep with new engines and weaponry systems in the refit just before the Shadow War kicked off. This happened because Dazak North kept his eyes on the prize and kept tabs on the developing star of the Bethylakian Academy, starting to pay him visits and help to guide his work. He also took the time to introduce him to a number of people that he knew would stand by him and help him develop as a person.

Trant Adrian and his Sister Mya were trainees of the same age who were on the path and eventually became Doctors of Bethylak. Hailing from the City of Strabain and suffering from an acute case of upper class and wealthy the pair represented adventure and privilege, something that he had been lacking during his time stuck within the confines of the Church for his entire life. From their perspective he was a strange child who represented with unusual abilities having an incredible gift from the Deity itself and clearly a path to an incredible future. Between them they inspired and fired their imaginations, pushing each other and striving for better things and a shared sense of glory. Trant would go on to venerate Quorin-Gol and Mya gravitated towards a following Polton Ta they were not alone.

The final pair that were introduced to the group were both a year younger than Galak and his friends but both seemed mature beyond their years. Hamish Velt was training to and became a Lore Keeper dedicated to Korith Ta whilst Emily Bravo was a Professor of the Arch Angel ChokEth-Gol. Hamish was born on the Winter estate in the Ferns and served the first 8 years of his life as a dogsbody to the family before demonstrating his power. The Winter family saw to his tutelage and watched his progress with interest. Emily meanwhile was an orphan that had been taken by slavers from the City of Blood Tears, she was enslaved for two years under the name Hoards Wife before she was rescued by Dazak North himself and brought back to the Grey Keep.

Between the four of them a friendship developed and they came to love and trust each other, driving each other on. Even Emily began to overcome her reservations of people and began to fall in love with Trant Adrian although sadly he has never reciprocated such feelings. Galak emerged, clearly as their leader and from him they drew strength and guidance becoming a powerful force for the Church as they emerged from the leadership crisis when Dazak North died in the year 2011 despite being only around 17 years of age. They entered the Church fully and openly in 2012 and began to rise through the ranks coming to the attention of Quinn Shadowreaver who recruited them from the leaderless Church for “Special Duties” in 2013. The records of what they did have been kept strictly off the files of the Colleges and the Churches and many thought them lost. Emily returned stronger and keener than before.

However in 2014 Dazak North was returned to the world and soon reclaimed them from Quinn Shadowreaver. Galak had matured into a true leader and when Dazak was made King he instructed the Church to follow the orders of this group as though they were his own. Many believed that the orders were coming from the High Council of Bethylakians and Galak and his own council decided not to appear in the courts of the Clergy to keep their position secret and safe. Then the Shadow War came and the God changed and his power grew stronger Dazak decided that his old Church needed more open leadership and began to prepare the way for the appointment of Galak and his companions however there was much work to do and so he began to spend time with the group, personally training them and making them ready for what was to come.

The Church of Bethylak is now led by the a choir of Five – Galak, Trant, Emily, Hamish and Mya despite their age are now the defacto leaders.

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