Oath Maker (Always a Galliard)

Geranli was born in 1882, a peasant in the village of Gruth and is still relatively young as a Zumatakan. She was an able child, loveable and well skilled in the many performance arts from a young age. Spotted by a member of the Oath she was sponsored and taken into the guild when she was only twenty one years old, again young for a Zumtakan, where she flourished under the legendary instructor Lysander Beckett.

She is said to have learnt the thirty tales of the Cold Days of Making so well that she can recite them from heart and without any need for the visual aids and rotes. True or not her words have been spoken in hundreds of halls inspiring thousands, she has given direction to many, many smallfolk and united scores of villages under one direction. She understands fully how much responsibility rests upon her shoulders as the Oathmaker.

In many ways she is like a Baron or Count, responsible for the protection of their people so intense is her belief in the core fundaments of the guild. She instils this belief in all that follow her and in those that are fortunate enough to be taught by her gain not only her experience but also of all those that she has dedicated her life to learning about. In her many see the legendary Iron Rayn with whom she spends many hours in meditation with, indeed, it is said that a great new threat comes to destroy the Basin and that Rayn prepares her young protégé for that day when the commoners of the land will need the Oath again. Although since the last years of the Cataclysm and the days of Soul Anchor many have sensed the change in her.

Recent times have forced Geranli away from the Guilds duties and into the libraries of the Oath; the loss of the heroes on the rocks beyond the gate caused a greater tension among the Oath leaders. Stories are spreading that Geranli and her associates know more about the coming days of battle then they are letting on. These stories are being leant a great deal of credence by her insistence that ancient texts long guarded by the Oath were taken from their resting place and left on display along with other ancient artefacts. This action seems to have led directly to the uncovering of a banner that has crossed all Duchies and given hope to those that will do battle with the Blue Fire Prophets, Angelus and indeed the Dragons of old.

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