The Land, like a house, is empty without the family that dwells in it

The Oaths

The oath is that which reminds us to be the people that we are NEEDED to be. The Oath is not about personal choice; that was made when we entered into this profession. It is about the agreement that we have made and the duty that is upon us.

I swear to use my discretion well and truly, without favouritism, fraud or evil intent, to choose as a person, able and sufficient, to assist the people of the land for the profit of the community. By the will of the Gods and the Spirits. Furthermore I shall stand by my comrades and honour their beliefs as if they were my own in the knowledge that they will honour my own.

The Oath of the Bard

It is the Duty of the Bard to remember the actions of the guild; Their task is to preserve the legends, prophecies, and history of the Oath and of the Royal Basin, a truly sacred responsibility in an ancient society and Guild that stresses oral history and performance. Besides acting as lorekeepers and historians, they are also depended upon to act as a source of inspiration in times of desperate need, or for celebration in those rare and wonderful times of fortune.

“I swear by the Oath to remember so that those others do not forget”

The Oath of the Priest

It is the Duty of the Priest to ensure that the word of all Gods is heard and understood across the Basin so that the Small folk are not fearful or allow superstitions to guide their actions. They must lay the old rumours to rest whilst keeping alive the true fears that come from the evil of allowing deities such as the Maltel Tekrom to infiltrate their lives.

“I swear by the Oath to keep the Faiths strong and the Smallfolk stronger”

The Oath of the Officer

“I swear by the Oath to keep a balance and an understanding between those of power and those that are protected by that power.”

The Oath of the Melkarr

“I swear by the Oath to bind the Small Folk and the Spirits and through that unity let them both find strength”

The Oath of the Mage

“I swear to take responsibility for the power that flows through me and to pass that power, through my action, to the people.”

The Oath of the Craftsman

“I swear that the Basin will be represented in all skills and trades through the arts of my craft and my patient training.”

The Oath of the Soldier

“I swear by steel and shield and blood and honour that the people of this Royal Basin shall flourish under my protection.”

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