The Academy operate five main guild buildings across the Royal Basin but also sponsor and effectively use a number of other more spectacular edifices in major cities and townships. The major locations are as follows:

The Haven Guild House

The most recent and spectacular guild location exists above seven main taverns in separate parts of the capital of the Royal Basin. The Taverns are: The Soul of the Restless Soldier, The Winter Respite, The Happy Doctor, Arable Green, Tallows in the Red, The Northern Sunrise and The Silent Sorrow. When Haven was first built each of these Taverns were prepared by the Academy with one great room in each, potentially the size of the tavern itself, that was heavily enchanted by the weave. They are linked through one great, unheard story that allows them to exist in a pocket dimension one next to the other. This creates a hidden and powerful space bigger than most conventional Guild Houses that may only be reached by those that are familiar with and able to travel using bardic sigils. Training, meeting, sleeping and music halls can all be found inside the Haven Guild house, marvel of current artifice that it is.

The Shriekspire Sentinel

Originally founded in 1542 The Shriekspire Sentinel was a struggling newspaper that wrote wildly innacurate stories, mainly about the state of the Clergy. It was originally owned by Senior Hysarn Ardveld Willowsins; a wealthy but somewhat bigoted individual. The buildings were huge, cavernous and, when the paper was shut down by the Clergy in 1553, ideal for the purposes of the Academy. They snapped it up and it reopened in 1555 as a factual reporting system for Shriekspire and the surrounding area but was soon found throughout the Royal Basin due to the wanderings of the Guild Members. It is used by the Academy for a wide array of purposes to this day and it is said that the Sentinel contains coded messages for guild folk that is constantly changed and upgraded.

The Eternal Reign in Koren

During the early part of the Pantheonic Wars several Academy members were forced to take refuge in the ruins of old buildings in Koren. The City had, as it does now, suffered a number of devastating wars and much of it was destroyed. The exact function of the buildings currently called the Eternal Reign is still unknown but when the guildsmen entered it seemed to draw on their life energies and repair itself. There were no deaths and the Academy took this as a sign, moving into the subterranean shrine at the earliest opportunity. The Reign is full of strange and unusual chambers that include a room that whispers garbled secrets of the past and an area that turns words into colours.

Harker’s Hall of Feats

One of the earliest Guild Buildings that predates the majority of Basanic structures this Feasting Hall was purpose built by early members of the Guild. It is said that the City of Rendrith was built around Harker’s Hall, attracted by the good food and fine stories, although the truth of that may never be known. Long ago it was a wattle and daub structure, then it was upgraded to wood and expanded upon and so the process continued over the long years. Now it is a place for the guild to rest, to learn to pass on stories and recipes and to each other and for the folk of the Royal Basin to enjoy splendid food and to hear ancient tales that they might pass them on and keep the magic alive.

The Oracle off Rendrith

Harker’s Hall was built to keep an eye on the small spit of land just off the Coast of Rendrith called the Oracle. Oracle island is about forty hectares in size and houses a medium guildhouse with all the relevant training facilities and libraries. The facility was built around “The Oracle” which, best description, are the bones of a humanoid that would stand some fourteen feet tall with odd carvings in the bones of arms and legs. Every few years the bones will answer the questions of an observer in a prophetic way.

Other than these main five there are taverns, great arenas for festivals and games and other such edifice.

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