Whilst the Azure Order operate out of practically every Basanic Clergy based building across Daer Akmir their home and only Guildic Facility can be found in the Great Desert and is the site of the victory of their first crusade.

The Holy Temple of the Azure Order

According to the words of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar the Holy Temple was built long ago by the Zoranethi around the time of the first Codex Wars. Situated on the Ley Lines of power that criss-cross the world it is blessed with not only with primal power but with the brilliance of Zoranethi artifice. Although it was once dedicated to the purpose of Zoranethi Empire building and spreading their influence across the world that power is now being dedicated to the defence of the Gods and Goddesses that guide us through the darkness of our lives and to the final line of protection that will save our world from the coming of that which unifies all power.

Originally located along the Southern coastline of Egaria, this mighty edifice, was moved during a magical calamity presumably during one of the various cataclysms of the past. It centres around a main building some twelve stories high and spanning over one hundred and fifty rooms, that have been discovered so far. Around the main temple are training grounds, brewing and scribing facilities and various smithies, carpenters workshops alongside other points that are used to supplement the strength of the Order. Here the finest steels, woods and ores are imported to create the finest weapons and armours for the followers of the Order who are barracked in what was once an old building that held huge warriors that must have towered twenty to twenty five feet tall.

The Order is supported by a large number of equally fanatical civilians, many of them family members of the Order warriors. They have taken several of the larger buildings and areas of the temple to be their own, constructing solid buildings provided by masons, skilled architects and hard labour. Bakers, butchers, stables, these buildings and many more are safe within the protective walls of the compound and plans abound to expand the temple into a citadel that give greater strength to the surrounding areas and the many Zumatakan tribes that have come to the Order to ask for their protection. At this time Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar is considering the expansion of the Order but is concerned that it will compromise the ethics of the Order and the basic principles that it stands for.

During the final parts of 2013 our Lord Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar was reportedly slain of mortal form to be reborn as the High King of all of Daer Akmir. When this great calamity of the Order occurred there was a shift in the power that was here, very few remember the exact happenings but according to half remembered reports the House of Catsari became as one with the walls as a mighty force shook the very roots of the building. Throughout the halls of the Order ancient voices screamed out and some remember the chanting of the name of the Lord of Battle Skaggrid again and again. Whatever happened on that fate filled day the Temple still stands and though it was heavily damaged at the end of that year its rebuilding is certain.

The House of Castria

Where Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar found them and how they came to be allied to us is largely unknown but living amongst the Order were thirty five fundamentals of obsidian. They functioned as guardians and also instructors in some of their ancient ways. The alliance between the Order and the House was born of a joint need to protect the worlds against the coming darkness. It is whispered that the House were once banished from their Vorokian home for crimes committed against their people others say that Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar rescued them from imprisonment when they were betrayed by their own Kings. Whatever the reason for their alliance they served faithfully and there has always been a power of faith within them which flies in the face of the tenets and beliefs of the other Vorokians. Despite their supposed disappearance into the very walls of the Temple those that were attuned to their ways claim that they can hear them deep within the stone still.

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