In Memorium

Lord Defender of Yarrianne

  • Fire Eaƶlf

In the darkness of the Frostfall of 1745 the great and powerful Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar came from the desert as the blessed one, the father of all purity and defender of all faiths. With him came a great fundamental of stone whose form bore the symbols of the nine Gods that ruled in the heavens at that time. They travelled to the great clergy buildings of Haven and there addressed the assembled followers of the faith. When they heard his great words of becoming the glue that would independently and without arbitration hold the clergy together and of the coming threat he gained many followers such was the power of his inspiration.

Upon leading his followers back to the Holy Temple of the Azure Order in the Southern wastes of the Great Desert he assumed control of the order and began his teachings. He joined the power of the Fundamental House of Catsari with the followers of the might of the heavens and the Azure Order was born. Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar, the blessed one, the father of purity was wise, strong and full of courage. His words were tempered with the wisdom of his years and instilled a sense of pride in all that come to him for guidance. He was fervent to his cause but not foolish enough to turn a deaf ear to those that offer him their own advice in the running of his order. He was beloved of almost all who met him and through his own humility was an unassuming hero. He shall be missed.

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