The University, as indicated in the opening package, has but one main foundation that can be located in Strabain itself. However, the University has official premises across the Royal Basin in the form of learning centres, smaller academies and schools which it independently sponsors. The best and the brightest are offered places in Kings or other colleges and those that are on a marginal grade are offered continued learning there.

Whilst the University is its own domain it also has presences within hundreds of guild buildings across the Basin and many of its academians find their way into other projects and end up remaining in that guild as a liaison officer.

However, in 2012 an older and abandoned project; the Royal Colleges of Medicines and Sciences was reopened by the University, receiving funding from His Royal Highness Quintus Tiberius Alexander Lionsgold the First and the responsibilities of Dean handed to Doctor Sir Bartellus Voldi.

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