The most important religious day in the Tiberiusite calendar and takes place around the middle of the year. The Redeemers dictate the exact date after communiqué with Korgoron. The hosts of Tiberius assemble on the Golden Lands, once the home of Dieron the Blessed, Mortal Angel of Tiberius and carrier of one of the relics of Tiberius, a sword carried by the God when he himself was mortal. Under the instruction of the Redeemers twelve of his followers are chosen and their blades blessed and touched by Duty, the sword of Dieron. That sword is now held by Battik the Redeemer, an apostle of Dieron the Blessed and power in his own right. These twelve are given Holy purpose and sent forth in the name of Tiberius to uphold these duties, returning the following year to tell their tales, inspiring the young and old alike to acts of heroism and Valour in the name of Tiberius and all that is righteous.

Sacrifice Day

Held on the 21st of Watersdown each year, this ceremony is held in remembrance of the day that Dieron the Blessed gave his life in order that all might supply. At the time of this writing (Earthwane of 2014) the ceremony is in its infancy and so far has involved a great gathering in the Halls of Tiberius across the country. There, followers of Tiberius and other Gods alike have lit candles and offered up their thanks to the man that saved the world. We all hope that he can hear our prayers of thanks and that he draws strength from them.

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