Tiberiusites provide training for, give sanctuary to and provide support for all folk loyal to the Royal Basin, or acting with honour and dignity across the land. They also send out Priests and Holy Warriors to seek out the unrighteous, the evil and the corrupt acting within the boundaries of those of good heart and outlook, crushing the evils and returning light to the dark places.

Religious duties for Tiberiusites tend to be overseeing courts, assisting the Clergy of Ekimelahw, with whom they have a great deal of companionship and crafting weapons and armour for the faithful to ensure that the church is always prepared.

During times of War the Council of Tiberius enters into its most important state of being. The Council is the ultimate weapon that the basin has during times of great battle, every warrior of Tiberius is trained to a high level and carries within him or her a noble and indomitable soul that spreads amongst the armies in which they fight, strengthening them and making them impervious to the fears of battle and the terrors of their foe.

Tiberiusites never fight in a unit together, instead they are charged to spread themselves amongst the ranks of the armies in which they battle to lend their powers and strengths to their comrades, speaking the litany of their God and preparing themselves to die for each and every man and woman around them.

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