The two great days of importance to any Rayvahnite are the days of Ascension when Rayvahn first rose to the heavens and when she crossed the Golden Bridge on her victorious return to the Tower of Final Grace during the Codex Wars. The First, called the Night of the Glorious Sigh, takes place from Dusk till dawn on the night of the seventh day of Leavesdown. During this ritual several rites are observed that will either heighten the physical or emotional feeling, the Priests then offer up their most harrowing feelings or endure the most horrific of tortures for their goddess. Those most fervent with their gifts are rewarded with visions and quests in dreams as they recuperate.

The second Holy Day is observed on the second Osildas each Earthnew and takes place near Vopanderan at the alleged sight of the foot of the Golden Bridge. Here a great shrine has been built and an area prepared for the arrival of angelic messengers. The faithful arrive en masse after three days of fasting and abstinence and spend the night in vigil and prayer. As the first rays of light strike the windows an Angel or Archangel appears and selects nine of the clergy to be blessed under their own personal blessing, a boon that brings great power and lasts for fully one year.

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