The Clergy spend a great deal of time as a unit, preparing ledgers and amassing information about those that they feel are appropriate victims for the lady’s pleasure. Whilst this is the realm usually of acolytes, a Grey Whisperer is then responsible for selecting the Wound Bringer that will bring the lady’s justice to a victim. With their return to the Royal Basin, however, the skills of the clergy are more creatively used to extract information from prisoners and to create defences against tactics employed against the basin by the Yama Lords. Again this is the task of the rank and file who attempt to make a public return to a basin that until recently hated and reviled them.

The Grey Whisperers take a more active role in the politics of the Clergy, the Church has long standing issues with the College of Controlling Power, especially over their expulsion from the Royal Basin. As such the Grey Whisperers are responsible for incredible attempts to further the ambitions and political power of the Clergy Council as a governing body of magics through faith. They are also responsible for the Church coffers and spend a great deal of time organising Priests and trainees into KRO missions and preaching the word of Rayvahn on the streets to increase the Church funds.

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