Guild Treasury Master

Named for his Uncle, the legendary founder of the Outriders, Pil is a very opinionated and desirous young Eaölf with few supporters among the council. He was born in 1801 and joined the guild in 1825 where he was bought up on stories of his Uncle and his heroic actions, specifically his final stand in the Calamacje Mountains of Egaria that earned the guild a new contract with the Garalanis Trading House. The older guild instructors doted on him and unfortunately instilled in him a bloated sense of self importance and belief that he was the reincarnation of the great man himself; the guild founder come again. The fact that our beloved founder was not the legend that many guild heads are was completely lost on Pil and has led him to the wrong conclusions about his own abilities.

“Pil is an Outrider of average skill and performance who was lucky to scrape through his year of three tests. However he shows great aptitude for mathematics and accountancy that could see him in good stead when he seeks a guild position.”

the position of Instructor Makoros on Pil’s finish of third year

These words were true. Pil’s life as an Outrider fell wildly short of his own expectations and severely short of the Guilds expectations for an Outrider. He cost the guild almost fifty helms and was relegated to accounting whilst his fate was discussed. However, whilst in accounting, three months saw Pil make the guild almost eight hundred helms due to shrewd investment and sale. His fate was sealed and the Guildic Council beckoned.

The decisions that have affected his life are caused, in the main, by his family title: The man is not an inept Outrider but he lacks the skills to be one fulltime, he is a genius with money and what is more he is of the line of Pil. It would not be seemly for the Guild to abandon a member of the founding line not just for the reasons that he may be swept up by another guild and our secrets shared. However, Pil is still firmly of the belief that he has the de facto right to lead the guild and that his ability as an Outrider is legendary. His continued challenging of the right to lead, coupled with his insistence that if Abbey cannot attend a Table of Swords meeting he is allowed to go in her place, something that he has done on more than one occasion, has lost him much support.

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