Merchant Liaison Officer

Mol was born in 1945 and bears the scars of thousands of encounters that he has endured during over fifty years of missions for the Outriders. He is missing his right foot, two fingers from his right hand, most of both ears, his teeth and eyelids and the bones in his left forearm. However his success in the field has meant that he is wealthy enough to replace the majority of his missing paraphernalia with artifice and magic leading him into the well deserved mocker of “The Golem”. He was only forced into retirement when an unfortunate curse was deployed against him causing him to give off a dull light and strange rattling noise when he attempts stealth against his enemies! So in 2006 at the age of 61 he left the field and prepared for a life outside the guild, sadly that life would have been a lonely one as Callil had never found or fostered a family of his own. Fortunately Belect was unwilling to let one of her best Outriders go but with The Golems instructional skills far below par she was forced to offer him a different role that utilised different talents.

Mol had worked for so long that he had developed a huge rapport with all of the merchant houses and in all honesty the majority of major and minor merchants that trade in the Royal Basin. His continued relationship with those representatives has earned the Outriders innumerate contracts and kept the faith with many of the employers who have lost faith with Outriders challenged by overwhelming odds. It has proven to be a masterstroke appointment by Abbey Belect and one that has helped to secure her position at head of the Council. It has certainly done her no harm with the popular Callil who would have been consigned to a solitary life and undoubtedly ended up joining some forlorn hope regiment of the Basanic Army never to be seen again. Despite his previously active life Mol is happy in his new role and is clearly enjoying the opportunities to enjoy the finer things in life with his merchant clientele; a fact that his waistline can clearly testify to.

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