The East Tower

Power is strength and strength is greatness.

Head of the Iwayes Order and Head of the Department of Artificery – Fei Lu Dozan

Fei Lu Dozan has been the head of the Department of Artificery since transferring from the Sacred Temple of the Iron Heart twenty five years ago. He is an extremely skilled and delicate artificer whose lessons are said to be like a play wrought by the greatest of bards.  He himself appears to be in his late eighties and is always accompanied by his servant Mao Motso; both favour the garb of their homelands and still continue to follow the traditions of their homelands. He originally had a tour during his training with Valordian College and returned many more times during his advance through the temple in which he served, however his celestial nature, as only those of the Dragon may use our magics in the Rice Empire, kept him at home for many years before he was called up here.


The Iwayes order was founded by those who most would consider to be the truest of the Sourcerers, those with the greatest affiliation to the CoCP and Morrigun College. We remain the most secretive of the Orders but we are dedicated to the furtherment of the Ueahrn and all that they stand for. However we guard the knowledge that we find and realise that it is often locked away by the old builders, the founders, in architecture and artifice. These are secrets they could have been passed down but they were not equally they were never destroyed; they were left for us to find and uncover in days to come. These secrets will allow us to unlock the past of the Ueahrn and harness the power that will bring them to the unity that the people of Vorok Core and the Colleges so need; under our watchful eye and wise guidance of course.

Areas of Power

Artifice and Expertise

Magical Architecture

Secrets and Old Knowledge

Mastery of the Sourcerous Arts


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Collection and guardianship of knowledge that has been lost to the Ueahrn of the Collegium and to pass on our findings to them
  • To harness and utilise the power of the Comet and the Nexus and to make them as one
  • To decide which secrets should remain so

Ueahrn House of the Bitter Winds – Allied to the East Tower

Lord of the House: Panetheek Phar

Owing Fealty to: The Collegium of the Thundering Hosts

Vassal Houses: The House of Biting Winter, The House of Tallest Spires, The House of Whispered Secrets.

Specialising in: Artificery, Architecture, the harnessing of power, hidden secrets and old knowledge

Enemies: The House of Thunder, the House of Echoing Caverns

House Symbology

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The House carries the symbol of a Sceptre on a Blue background.


The house of the Bitter Winds were once the great power in the Collegium, obsessed with discovering more and more secrets of the powers that the Plane of Storms possesses. When the Elemental Planes were touched by the people of Vaklam the House of Bitter Winds bent their will to learn their secrets and forged alliances that would lead to their downfall. Since their replacement by the House of Thunder they have retreated to the screaming canyons where they continue to harvest knowledge and harness the power of the Storm plane. They have caused much animosity to emerge between themselves and the other houses of many elemental planes by keeping the secrets of their learning hidden from those who rightfully believe that it should be theirs.

Expected Duties

Those pacted with the house of Bitter winds are expected to excel at the fields of research and creation, specifically they are asked to become skilled at the harnessing of raw elemental power. Any elemental power. All information and research completed by a College member pacted to this house is expected to be shared directly with the house of Bitter winds or the offender can expect swift reprisal.

Pacting to the House

When a character joins the East Tower they become pacted to the House of the Bitter Winds and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen. 

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