The West Tower

Our path has led us to the land of the Ueahrn where we spend our time learning their ways and taking their greatest teachings as the words that should guide us.

Diplomacy sheds light in dark places.


Head of the Kalvik Order and Head of the Department of Lore – Serendipity

When people speak of Serendipity they speak of her with great sorrow. They say that she was once of good heart and great power, so great that she could walk the worlds beyond this one with a thought and see beyond the banality of the struggle for power. She walked among the people of the Ruaeth Kajhar learning their ways, their histories and their fables. They say that she heard the stories of the Shuroeth Veil and that she sought it, though in truth we believe that she knew what would happen should it be uncovered. They say that she found it deep in the wastes of Penvash and that she looked into it and knew the root of all things. Sometimes she speaks some of the wisdom that she has learnt, sometimes they say that she remembers her true name.


Kalvik Order long ago decamped its main force to Ruaeth Kajhar where we could learn to identify with the Ueahrn and their most direct teachings. It is their greatest wish to learn and to understand, specifically to learn of other forms of life and existence beyond their own. The concept is to understand the lore and languages of a civilisation before they are first approached and before they come to know the Ueahrn or in this situation us. Once this primary contact is made the Kalvik move in to establish diplomatic ties with the leaders of these nations and to help them to establish good relations with the allies that we have already gained. Ultimately, as with the rest of the College, we seek a unity it is just that our unity is sought through diplomatic means.

Areas of Power

Lores and Anthropology

Diplomacy and Scholars

Mastery of Languages

The extension of life


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • To have a depth of cultural understanding that will allow a member of this Tower to approach any civilisation with wisdom and understanding
  • To act in a diplomatic that will further the aims and desires of the College at all times
  • To preserve life where possible

Ueahrn House of The Weeping Scholars

Lord of the House: Kashirik Khar

Owing Fealty to: The Collegium of The Thundering Hosts / The College of the Four Winds

Vassal Houses: None

Specialising in: Runes, Lore, Diplomacy, Language, Life

Enemies: None

House Symbology

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The House carries the symbol of a single white musical note (quaver) on a black background.


The House of the Weeping Scholars is a house unique across the Planes of all elements. Its origins were born of mortal error and the compassion of those left in the wake of tragedy. The first Sourcerers, dedicated to the development of Air Magics opened a rift into the Plane of Storms and, unprepared for its raw elemental power, caused massive damage to the delicate resonance of the Crystal Caverns on the plateau of harmonious sounds. Eventually this damage lead to the destruction of the house of Songs that dwelt there. Those responsible faced great retribution but their dedication to the saving of the culture of the house of Songs was legendary. Eventually over 70 Sourcerers petitioned to become one with the element of Storms and replace the House of Songs in order to restore theĀ  harmony that had been so damaged.

Expected Duties

The House of Weeping Scholars are the strongest link between the realm of Vaklam and the elemental planes. They are expected to act as true diplomats between the elementals and the people of Vaklam although their devotion to the inhabitants of the Realm of Storms is supposed to be complete. They are to travel the lands, gathering knowledge, travelling to summits, assisting the gears of diplomacy between all peoples and the elementals and most of all they are dedicated to life in all of its forms. Eventually all members of this house, via an unspoken pact, are expected to devote themselves to the path of becoming at one with the element of Storms.

Pacting to the House

When a character joins the Western Tower they become pacted to the House of the Weeping Scholars and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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