Famous Oathsperson

Mordred was Born in Great Strabain in 1978, on a Cold Snowfall night. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a Bethylakian priestess. Mordred was always a very gifted child, and with a Bethylakian as a mother his insatiable curiosity was always kept well fed. Mordred’s father was a blacksmith and swordsman, he crafted a very fine blade indeed. With the prices his workmanship commanded he was able to look after the family comfortably. At the age of 7 Mordred was taken into the church of Bethylak in Maryat, who had been informed of his gift. He took to the training as if it were what he was born for. Mordred spent many happy years in the classrooms and corridors of the church but was always happiest in the library. As an initiate he excelled in the use of focus magics until in Blossomwake 1993 at the age of fifteen, but wise beyond his years, he was released to take the word of Bethylak to the people, and learn what he could of the world.

Mordred travelled back to Strabain and took his own lodgings in the city near the University. Mordred was not much of a preacher, However, partially due to the awkwardness of his age but also his quiet aloof nature. By 1995 it was apparent that Mordred, although pious and wise, was not cut out to be a preacher. Mordred had also come to this conclusion and approached the church, telling them he was to enrol at the university to further his studies and so at the age of seventeen Mordred enrolled at the University of Great Strabain to study Fire Magics and Theology, taking a job in the library to help fund his tuition. It was whilst at the university Mordred started to come out of his shell, joining the fencing and later (after a drunken punch up) boxing clubs.

As a student Mordred worked and played hard. He graduated in 1998, Head of his class and president of both the boxing and the fencing clubs. Mordred took a job offer from the college of controlling power in Maryat. During his time working for the college he started to take to the road, on both fact finding expeditions and the odd skirmish with the Basin’s enemies, In 2003 Mordred handed his notice to the College and disappeared for 6 years. Not even his parents heard from him. Upon his return in Frostmelt 2009 Mordred was a much more mature man, better dressed and holding himself like a gentleman, with few more scars. He had in his possession three Bethylakian artifacts; A hat, A timepiece, and a set of eyeglasses. He claims he bought them at an auction. Mordred joined the Oath immediately upon his return and once again found his place in the library. Morded took to watching over the oath members and making sure they are prepared and equipped for the monsters they face. In his time at the Oath Dr. Knox has been expanding the library, not only its books and scrolls but weapons and more exotic objects too.

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