The first guild building is cited as being the three story Inn called the Silent Path, subsequently named The Oath’s Last Rest. This is where the remaining fifteen members of the Oath came to rest after their great battle and it was here that they were sworn to commit themselves to a continuation of the ideals of the Oath. The bodies of scores of the original Oath are buried in the grounds of this impressive building, which has been expanded over the years to take up almost a whole 5 acres of land. There are meditative gardens, a small training ground and even a museum dedicated to the guild on the premises. Every year starting the seventeenth day of Blossomwake the Oath Council hold their biggest meetings here, sometimes lasting weeks as they prepare and dictate guild policy.

There are Renowned Adventuring buildings throughout the Basin, most townships, villages or hamlets have a building dedicated to them even if it is an inn with the clasp above the sign. Here members can find succour and assistance regardless of political situation and status. The largest of the guild building is in Shriekspire which was chosen due to the upheaval within the Royal Basin at the time. The Guild is the home of the Oath council and where the majority of discovered items and relics are taken for identification before their distribution or return to the correct parties. All major training and induction takes place in Shriekspire and few guild houses are as well-equipped as this one.

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