Followers of the Tao are taught from the offset of the various layers that exist within its structure, of the most spiritual of its places, of the hierarchy made up by the senior Fosters and Melkarr and of the Spirits themselves and how they play a part in our lives. Each Ulmargarn, Melkarr, Elestrom or Vormearn will take one of the Oaths and be part of that life, this before any other Path of Way of the Tao is taken. (A character chooses one of the Oaths to represent their tradition.)

The Oath to Dreff

To honour the traditions of the Melkarr and the Gillieabad

This Oath symbolises the adherence to the rituals and the Tao, to nor defile or misuse the powers and rites that have been gifted to us and to never cross the boundaries into corruption.

The Oath to Azilir

To strengthen the ties of the spirits to the mortal through pure lineage and Blood

This Oath symbolises the binding of the spirits to the mortals that work with them through the purity of and strength of their blood.

The Oath to the Spirits

To bridge the gap and be at one with the Spirits

This oath symbolises those that spend great periods in deep meditation, their mind in the spirit world, to better understand and serve the Gillieabad.

The Oath to the Altar

To be the mark between the people and the Tao and the Tao and the Spirits

This Oath symbolises the duty of the ritualist to help those within the Tao understand the spirits and keep those that have made such oaths aware and informed as to their power and intention.

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