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Excerpt from “What is the Gamthan Gentleman’s Club?”, from The Guide to Gamtha


  • The system provides each character with their own Omni Deck which is the core of the game mechanics.
  • It is a deck made up of 22 standard, sleeved, playing cards.
  • 5 of each suit in number cards and two black, portrait cards, with the latter being referred to as Critical Failure Cards.
  • Inside each card the system provides a blue slip and an orange slip which are referred to as wound cards and backlash cards respectively.

When is it used?

  • The Omni Deck is used to make skill checks, pull wound cards when you are injured and to pull backlash cards when you have cast magic.
  • A character pulls from their Omni Deck after roleplaying using their skill
  • For each time a character is revived from their death count they must pull a Wound Card before the end of that scene.
  • A character pulls for a Backlash Card after performing combat or transcendental casting.
  • All card pulls are situational and occasionally the system may ask you to pull outside of the above given mechanics

How do Skill Checks Work?

  • When called on to make a skill check the character will observe the appropriate roleplaying and times indicated.
  • This indication will usually come from a Feat Sheet or directly from their ref.
  • A character’s ability to succeed is measured via the suits of the cards.
  • When you first purchase a skill you will succeed ONLY if you pull a Spade.
  • When you increase your ability with that skill for the first time you succeed if you pull a Spade or a Heart.
  • When you increase your ability with that skill for the second time you succeed if you pull a Spade, Heart or Diamond.
  • A Club is ALWAYS a failure.
  • A Critical Failure Card is always just that.

What about Wound and Backlash Cards?

  • A Wound Card indicates, after a combat has finished, how badly injured you are and what effect this has on your character.
  • Wound Cards are generally treated by a Chirurgeon and have their own short section of mechanics that are explained in wounds and injuries.
  • A Backlash Card represents the result of your character using or being affected by magic.
  • These will affect your character in different ways and are described in the Magic and Backlash section. 
  • The suit of the card has no bearing on the slips however the worst results are contained in your Critical Failure Cards.

How do I make a Skill Check?

  • When you are asked to make a check: Take your deck, shuffle it and draw a card.
  • If you have succeeded, proceed with the instructions on the Feat Sheet or from your ref and replace your card in the deck and return your deck to where you keep it.
  • If you have failed you follow the failure instructions on the Feat Sheet or from your ref and replace your card in the deck and your deck to where you keep it.
  • You may have a redraw skill, if so you should leave your failure card out of the deck, shuffle and then draw a card a second time.
  • If you draw a Critical Failure follow the instructions on the Feat Sheet or from your ref. A Critical Failure is NOT returned to your deck until the scene ends or you are instructed to put them back by the system.

Can I use my own deck?

  • No – All decks will be issued by the system and all cards must be standardised.
  • At the end of any event a Deck must be returned to your Character Pack where it will be upgraded and redistributed ready for your next event.
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