DeRiche College – Guild Leader

Born 34 PPW. According to ancient College records Sienar was born to an Yuirfarvallen Father from the Harthalian Woodland and a human Mother from the township of Delve, herself a powerful Sourceress. From an early age she showed magical aptitude in both of her parents chosen fields, her father was a Vormearn strong with Ravage. It was her Mothers magic, guided by her cousin Welsay that led her to the Colleges of power where she began her training proper. She flourished under the training of Coldor Amerisharik who himself was an apprentice of Dean Sheriq Van Urow and showed such skill that she was quickly appointed to one of the research departments dedicated to the expansion of Source magics. In these early years she was noted for her fiery dedication to her devotions; her career portfolio was littered with merits and plackets of commendation for her work.

Documentation of her journey to the elemental planes remain undocumented as does the experience which oversaw her transformation into a founder of that place. However; this era marks a dramatic change in the dynamic of her relationship with the world of Vaklam. She has never left the College since its return. So long now has she remained in the living stone halls of the great edifice that she is now at one with them: The chambers that were once her quarters are now a living embodiment of her essence, her mind and her soul and she is able to manifest within them at will. She is also at one with the College buildings and has forged primal links into the founders homelands drawing strength, knowledge and power from what she now considers to be her own home. Regardless her leadership, insight and wisdom are second to none, she is considered to be eternal and is often visited by Quinn Shadowreaver who, many presume, comes to her to be advised or to unburden himself after the responsibilities of leadership become too great.

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