Callers of the Champions and Chancellors of Power

Skarn Chapter are privileged to be among those that have the right to summon the Lords and Ladies of the House of Granite. They are rulers, leaders and decision makers of the College.

The Chain of Command is dug from the Iron of the Earth.

Head of the Department of Research and Development – Xela Le Coman

Born in circa 1230 in an unknown locale but discovered in the village of Delve Xela Le Coman has led a remarkable life. In 1232 two representatives of the village of Delve came from the Wooded Ways to the port city of Mallierunne with a Tzi Tzain child. They said that the girl had been found abandoned at the heart of the Golden Endeavour and that she had the heart of the old division. She was taken in by the College of Controlling Power and disappeared from the view of mortal folk for over two hundred years. During the war of seven lights the College building that she was held in was raided by the Church of Rayvahn and she was recovered by priests of the Dark Lady undoubtedly to be re-appropriated and her power researched by that faith. However a retaliatory strike by the DeRiche College rescued her to a much more sympathetic guild that took her in and trained her. Her past remains a mystery; she speaks little but writes great volumes of text in her efforts to push the boundaries of Sourcerous magics. Many believe that she is researching her own background, past and origins in the time that she spends deep in the arcs of the purity.


The powers that walk the halls of the College are many but those that wish to lead and to learn the true art of power tread first in the rooms of Skarn Chapter. Legend states that this chapter was accepted by the line of Ironscales and that if you are one of their number you are taught to call upon the Azonte Brek of their line and that they in turn will teach you the true secrets of leadership and control. Skarn acts as a buffer between the secretive and unique operation of the DeRiche College and the College of Controlling Power, many of the traditions that are carried on behind these closed doors are allowed because of the weight of history that the Skarn bring to bear. The core of the Chapter is built around long standing respect and it is this respect and trust that the honour of the order is built on. None would dare challenge a Skarn unless they themselves had shown weakness poor judgement and an inability to guide safely. The Chapter is comprised of a mix of all forms of those that come to learn at the DeRiche College.

Areas of Power


Rules and Commands

Forward Thinking

Summoning of Power


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Promoting unity among the family of the Colleges Members
  • Taking questions to the Lords and Ladies of the House
  • Taking control of situations when there seems to be no other choice

Azonte Brek House of Granite

Lord of the House: Dorgo Ironscales

Owing Fealty to: The Crumbled House of Ancient Sands

Vassal Houses: The House of the Diamond Blood, The House of the Emerald Sight, The House of the Onyx Voice

Specialising in: Summons, Protection, Forethought, Unity

Enemies: The House of Thunder, House Lembar (Distrusted)

House Symbology

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The House carries a Black triangle upon a white background.


The House of Granite were once the rulers of the Vast Stone, one of the provinces of the Planes of Stone. However they became invested in a war against the house of Thunder instigated by the House Lembar and lost their position and power. However they remain a respected part of the Azonte Brek community and are valued for their staunch duty of protection of their vassal houses and of the House of Ancient Sands. They firmly believe that the elemental houses should stand as one under the same banner in order to foster peace and prosperity between their number and have, since the great war, been known for their attention to thinking through any action before rushing brazenly off to who knows what end. House Granite where among the first to enter into pacts with the Colleges and their elementals are highly sought after for once an elemental of house Granite allows a pact to be made they will assist and help you until the last of their strength leaves their body.

Expected Duties

Those pacted with the House of the Granite are expected to act with wisdom and patience in all matters. If they have become part of a group or organisation outside of the boundaries of the Colleges then they are to work to preserve the unity of that group and to act for the protection of each individual member and the ethos for what that group stands for. Any Azonte Brek summoned by the pacted member will be treated as though they were a member of that group and offered every hospitality.

Pacting to the House

When a character joins the Skarn Chapter they become pacted to the House of Granite and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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