Makers and Controllers of Power

Hornfel Chapter harvest the artefacts and relics that are brought home by the members of the guild and ensure their use in strengthening the College and the power that it represents.

The walls of power are built by artifice.

Head of the Department of the Hornfel Chapter and of Artificery -Eryck Depp

Born in 1988 in the city of Koren; Eryck Depp is amongst the worst artificers that has ever turned out a
cog or screw. So inept with his hands is he that he has had to have specific tools that are able to follow
his verbal commands made for him, under his own instruction to his own plan. Eryck’s knowledge of
the skill is unique, his mind is always working, designing more and more interesting techniques.
However the translation of the brilliance in his head through his hands and into practice is another
matter. He has no ability to work as an artificer, much to his shame. However his knowledge of past
and present masters of the craft is second to none. As such he heads up the department trailing older
more experienced makers in his wake. He is like a whirlwind of thought and action and is often found
caught up in the excitement of a recovery mission or in the field screaming instruction as automatons
are returned from the field of battle when he should be at his desk in the College buildings. As such, his
the anomaly within the College, the only mark of chaos that Source magic brings.


It is hard to say what happened to the Sourcerers that became the Hornfel Chapter when they travelled to the world of the Beyleethe. Hornfel Trast and his followers were nearly killed, according to the histories of the College, when they arrived by followers of the House Lembar. The reasons? Unknown to all but those who know the oldest traditions and antiquities but shortly after Lembar attacked them they ushered them away and they were not seen again for many months. When they returned they were different, changed, altered in some way but had gained strength and power. House Lembar had passed to them artefacts which are kept to this day in their structures, with it came a thirst for the control of power. The Hornfel are charged with the regulation of artifice and raw power in the field and its return to the College for assimilation and use by its members. They have been trained to lead, to control and to master not only magic but also those around them. With regards to seniority they observe the ranks of the College and defer where appropriate but in the field with other guilds and the like they consider themselves to be senior in all things.

Areas of Power


Rules and Commands




Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Gathering and return of artefacts to the College
  • Distribution of Artifice
  • Understanding of artifice

Azonte Brek House of Lembar

Lord of the House: Galshik Diamondskins

Owing Fealty to: The Shining Tower of Ruby Gold

Vassal Houses: The House of the Ruby Tears, The House of the Pearl Tongue, The House of the Agate Heart

Specialising in: Feuds, Tyranny, Strength, Artificing

Enemies: The House of the Blood Red Sun, House of Granite (animosity), House of the Primal Flame

House Symbology

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The house carries a silver crown on a black background.


The House of Lembar have risen far in their time as a major elemental house; during their earlier years they had risen no further than a vassal to the now destroyed House of Towering might. However via a series of manipulative acts and the instigation of various feuds and wars the House of Lembar is the most powerful house under the rulership of the King of the Shining Tower of Ruby Gold. The house believes in the power of itself and those directly affiliated to it. All other houses should become subservient to the House of Lembar and owe vassalage to them, in order to achieve this they encourage feuding between rival houses, enforce tyranny over those houses in service to them and believe in strengthen the powers and pacts of house Lembar as they go. It is expected that those pacted to House Lembar obey their wishes and conform to their actions in all things. Despite this somewhat ruthless attitude the House has developed a most excellent skill in Artificing probably adopted from their vassal house of the Ruby Tears.

Expected Duties

Members pacted to the house Lembar are expected to lead in all things, no matter what they are. No pacted member of house Lembar can be seen to be weaker than another or not to be the master of his or her own destiny. They are also expected to be strong leaders who will not back down from opposition and instead stamp their mark on any given situation or individual. Any elemental summoned from house Lembar is to obey in all things and shown the proper respect due to a being of such standing.

Pacting to the House

When a character joins the Hornfel Chapter they become pacted to the House of Lembar and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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