As a Notelexian there are some clear guidelines that are to be followed; as a Holy Warrior or Barrow Soul you should follow the code below. This code is the guidance by which you set examples to the world that you strive to protect, a Barrow Soul is the shining example of the faith, one who is given great power by the Grim and to break their tenets would be to break favour with the deity and lose not only the power that he has gifted but more, the very purity of their souls. Following these tenets are a guideline to how piety works and how.

Tenets of The Barrow Souls

You will preserve the Church and the tenets of Notelexus bowing to those Pure of faith and obeying his enlightened in all things.

You will not raise your hand to those Ancestors or Undead that are created or given right to be summoned by our Lord nor his followers.

You will move to protect those Undead created or given right to be summoned by our Lord and his followers low even unto your death and bring righteous vengeance against those that would slay his children.

In all things you will act through with the power of fear and terror, reaching deep into the hearts and minds of thy opponents and enemies, never showing them fear.

You will respect all traditions of Death, those that are dying will be shown the proper respect and ushered to the side of our Lord with dignity and grace, no matter their disposition.

A dying Foe will be offered death before a long and lingering suffering that will keep them from the side of our Lord.

You will use the gifts of our Lord to summon the assistance of his children only when your own skills prove insufficient to a task yet you will offer yourself up as a vessel for any ancestor that wishes to speak through your lips to the ears of their descendants.

You will offer the rights of last will and testament to any dying individual of any land and will have learnt the Law that will allow you to bind that which is not the dead to the land of the living.

You will not hesitate to lay down your life in the service of our Lord Notelexus. To partake of his gift and to be at his side is all that matters. The time that he grants you upon the mortal world should also be cherished and your time spent wisely however.

When charged to bring the gift of Death to an enemy of the faith thou shalt not falter until the task is complete. You are the instrument of his will upon this land “There is no door I cannot pass nor is there any guardian who can withstand me” Shall be your guide.

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