Given the fear that they invoke in the general populace it is easy to see that they have very little opportunity to practise many of the rites and rituals that one would expect to accompany the God of Terror Death and Decay. Indeed most of their tasks are now locked solidly in the portfolio of death: They are expected to officiate over the rites of the dead, speaking to their spirits, preparing for the journey to the limbo of the spirit world there to await judgement. Even now people begin to attend the new temples of Notelexus hoping for a brief word with their dear departed.

Notelexians are also used to enter plagued areas or battlefield areas to tend to the dead; their own personal lack of fear regarding death means that they have no qualms against wandering such sites. Once there however it is their task to take the last rites of any dying individuals or ensure a peaceful death. Quite often this leads to the passing along of wills and decrees and the growth of Notelexian power through such means. Such activity has not been seen in the basin for some time, at its height the Notelexian church had stakes in virtually every merchant house and tavern ownership across the face of the Basin.

In recent days they have taken up more spiritually difficult tasks: They are responsible for speaking to the dead of family members long since passed over and passing on the knowledge that they have to their progeny. Equally, in this much more relaxed atmosphere regarding the deities, they are there to grant a guiding hand to the sick, the weak and the infirm to pass on the litanies. To seek the truth of blood through family lines and to carry those family lines through all time in written record and with proper record.

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