As a Rayvahnite there are some clear guidelines that are to be followed; as a Holy Warrior or Woundbringer you should follow the code below. This code is the guidance by which you set examples to the world that you strive to protect, a Woundbringer is the shining example of the faith, one who is given great power by the Goddess and to break their tenets would be to break favour with the deity and lose not only the power that he has gifted but more, the very purity of their souls. Following these tenets are a guideline to how piety works and how, as a follower of the faith, your piety can be increased and decreased at the whim of the Gods.

Tenets of The Woundbringers

You will preserve the Church of Rayvahn and her tenets, bowing to those Pure of Faith and obeying her enlightened in all things.

You will seek out those deserving of the gifts of the mistress and bring unto them the retribution from which they cower. You shall offer them no quarter nor mercy despite their station, power or relationship to yourself.

You will not hold back thy anger. It is the gift of the mistress and she sends it to guide you. To hold back your anger is to disobey the will of the mistress.

You will not suffer abominations against Rayvahn to prevail, those that show a mockery of the faith and its purpose are abominations and shall be slain without the blessings of her gifts.

You will show ne’er sympathy, nor grief nor shalt offer aid to those who are suffering or in pain.

You will offer no end to those who are suffering or near death, there shall be no mercy in this life nor in the one beyond.

You will offer no hope nor offer any help that would bring such to those beyond the clergy of Rayvahn. Only she has the right to offer an end to hopelessness and only her faithful are deserving of such a reward.

You will never mete out the gifts of the mistress to the unworthy, those who beg for her embrace shall be left with naught but shattered dreams.

You will never offer peace to an enemy that has assaulted your person nor the sanctity of Rayvahn or her followers. Once the first blow is struck death is the only certainty.

You will offer obedience to no over deity than Rayvahn. To speak the name of another God in reverence shall be a blasphemy and sin.

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