Justice, secrets, balance and mediation, these are the roles of the Ele-Strom. One grove in each land is marked at the Ele-Strom, they are feared and loved, reviled and worshipped. Few groves would be quick to accept this role and we are no different. Once we were of the Ulmargarn, long ago and in the Harthalian we were powerful and great, Our stock was the stock of Hierophants and Gods and greatness and strength and honour. But we were foolish, we overstepped our boundaries and tried to wrest power when it was not freely given. Then we learnt the power of the Ele-Strom, why they exist, what they do, Why they are hated. They came for us, they took our power, rightly so, the Grove of leavened whispers, brave and bold and true to their nature. In our arrogance we called the for the Vormearn and they came and they fought and the whispers were heard no more. We were powerless and we should have been put to death for our crimes. But the council were merciful, ha. They gave us back and power and sent us here to this Great Basin to serve, us, to serve. We are the Ele-Strom, feared and loved, once of power now servants, and yet, and yet…

We understand our role, we know what must be done. This society of Kethlan’s, it is a great serpent that writhes and undulates, few can see the twists and turns or what the curves of its great body hides. But we can. Its shadow causes all beneath to lose the sun and wither and die. We bring them light. Many choose to hide in the skin that it sheds, pretending that they are the serpent and that they should be listened to. We find them. Many speak with the serpents voice, that sibilant hissing, telling lies and bending fact. We hear the truth. Others still suckle on the serpents power and twist it to their own purposes, trying, teasing, making themselves above the others who move with it. We bring them down.

We are the Ele-Strom, we watch from the shadows, we listen from above and no secrets can be kept safe from us. We will find the corrupt, the lawbreakers and the weak, We will route them out and we will bring them to justice. Of course we are still balance, we mediate, settle disputes, we organise games and competitions, we lead when others fail. We follow the middle path, we are the fulcrum that balances the altars and the groves, we understand, infighting gets us nowhere and that our honour, the honour of the Ele-Strom must be Impeachable. And we never, never ever forget.

The Guidance of the Altar of the Broken Lady

The laws of the Tao of Kethlan are to be preserved and justice must be met with a fair and even hand

The position and power of others is of no interest to the Elestrom. Kethlan’s justice is the only concern of those accused and it is found in the hands of the Ele-Strom

The guidance of the spirits is paramount in all matters, we may not be traditionalists but we know well enough to allow them to guide the way

Fear gives the power of justice strength as much as truth. Fear is beast driven by pain, intimidation and suffering.

The Words of the Altar of The Broken Lady


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