The Creeping Vine is the shadowed voice for Kethlan’s Kingdom within the Royal Basin but has no direct place on the Hierophants council, although strongly contested by the Twelve Trees for governance in the Royal Basin. As one of the two Foster Altars they are responsible for the government of druidic society within the Royal Basin and the interaction of Kethlan’s Kingdom with the six duchies. As a Foster Altar (political Altar to the common folk) the Creeping Vine understands the temperament of Kethlan’s Kingdom, that no matter where the power of Kethlan is found the nation holds true as one. The strength of Kethlan’s Kingdom is to be found in Rhygahrea or the Harthalian, depending on your point of view and the seeds of this nation have grown in all the kingdoms of this continent. Each continent contains two Altars, although differently named, with the community of druids there deciding which of them rules, this often changes, The ruling Altar sits on council with the other five from each nation in Rhygahrea, making policy that changes the face of the nation across Kethlan’s Kingdom.

The Creeping Vine are an ancient and traditional Altar, or grove as they prefer, that finds its routes in the heart of the Harthalian Woods. It is said that the first Lord of the Creeping Vine was a Force of Nature, nurtured by Avvannah, taught by Ravage and led by Quinrath. Their blood was favoured and they should, by right lead the way of Kethlan’s Kingdom. The original Grove splintered away from the Binding Vine Grove, an ancient and respected Grove that still functions in Rhygahrea. The Creeping Vine are stalwart traditionalists who migrated into the basin a few decades after the Twelve Trees. Many say that had they been first they may have been able to master the emergent spirits of the cities, instead they clung defiantly to the old ways.

The Creeping Vine vie for dominance on the various councils across the Royal Basin but have only found any strength in Ironstone Bay. Their hard-line policies on the growth of cities and the use of farmland made them unpopular although their control over harvests and blight has been put to good use in Ironstone bay. However their continual acts of barely veiled terrorism against civilisation has led to open battle and conflict with the Basanic army, which leads to a use of the Altar of the Stone Circle that none of the Druidic community can tolerate. Action by the Altar of the Broken Lady seems inevitable. Their efforts to extend the Groves, reclaim land that has been built on and free spirits that are being affected by the new spirits of the towns have cost many lives, especially of hapless villagers that have fallen foul of their pestilence.

The Guidance of the Altar of the Creeping Vine

Preservation of the ways of the Wyld and the prevention of the growth of cities, towns and civilisations outside of their manageable means.

Areas of pure, clean and wild lands are our protectorates; oppose those that would violate them.

It is our duty to represent those of similar mind and we must enter the council of Hierophant eventually finding a place there as the whisperer or Kethlan.

The Wild shows no mercy those that enter it wrapped in the cushion of civilisation shall find us no less forgiving.

The Words of the Altar of The Creeping Vine

Words are weapons, like poison they spread fast and deadly.

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