Patryck Draygal was born into the family in the late seventeen hundreds and grew slowly into a man over the course of almost forty years, due to his ancestry on his mothers side which was strongly Yuirfarvallen out of the Harthalian Woods. He spent much time between the courts of the Lionsgolds, the Velvet Table, Harthalia and the Golden Council when he was appointed Prime Minister by Queen Malsaseena Corrownband, Vassal to the Family Shadowband of House Lionsgold. His appointment came through his time spent serving as a Major in the Crimson Order.

In the mid eighteen hundreds it came to pass that he stood as the elected candidate for the House Lionsgold and through a collaborative vote he was anointed as the new Monarch of the Six Duchies and Lord of all Fasteryion. He has come to be regarded as one of the greatest rulers of our peoples and also the one that marked the spiralling death knell of the leadership structures that had been in place for so long by the aristocracy of the Basin. In the seventh year of his reign the Challengers of the Codex of War emerged and the whole of Vaklam was plunged into chaos as for the first time a juncture point between this and the prior worlds occurred.

It was Patryck Draygal that called the Banners of the three great houses together for the first time in centuries to stand against the growing forces of the Fae under the Gloaming Auspice and the madness of the son of Skagridd: Mazarek. The Torakaylin refused the order and kept their armies at home strengthening their position, or so they thought, for days after the Codex was decided. King Patryck attacked Traitors Bay and humbled their military before it could assemble before turning his attention back to the main war. This move crippled the Torakaylin plans, that unbeknownst had been two thousand years in the making, but also paved the way for the Eidelosian forces to deal body blows to the Basanic Army and eventually lead to the death of the King and almost an end to the Draygal line.

In the aftermath of the Codex the Dragon Empire had been revealed to be allied to the Fae and the Iskarani had been forced into isolation battling a foe that had arisen at the heart of the desert and challenged their existence. The Basin itself was in disarray: Ironstone Bay had declared independence and the Harthalia, after agitating for centuries, declared itself, once again, as Rhygahrea and removed itself from the world, both magically and physically whilst at the same time calling the majority of the power of the Wyld back into Rhygahrea through the fallen body of the King. This was also the time that the Fae known as the Lord Plaguemantle properly entered the fray and attached itself to the Courts of the Royal Basin and permanently married itself to the Basin.

More information about the Aristocracy can be found in The Cataclysm and the Lions Pride, and The Rise of Dazak North.

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