The majority of the temples of Notelexus were destroyed during the Gabrak wars when the clergy turned them to nothing but dust. Many would argue that Maryat itself is a masterpiece of the faith: A necropolis to thousands created by Notelexian hands and risen in his glory. Even to this day an untold amount of the Dead wander the city and what lies below could be the remnants of the most powerful army of ancestors that was ever assembled. However such worship would be blasphemous and focus is instead kept pointed towards the reclamation of Maryat for the good of all of the folk of the Basin.

Instead the Church of Notelexus hold to the great and obvious places of the world: The main centre of their worship is within the great clergy buildings of the Capital where their faith keeps themselves to themselves. Equally they have a presence of the great and powerful New Karrid Ren, Strabain and Shriekspire. Contrary to popular belief Graveyards and Cemeteries are not central to Notelexian worship; by the time a body reaches such a place a Notelexian PIlgrim has said the last rites over them and the soul has moved on.

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